The man with the fuzzy hair has spoken. Bonkers Boris Johnson is calling for a bridge to be built across the channel. We’ll just leave that there to settle and focus on more important things. Like why aren’t there more building-based slots? It’s one of the oldest trades around so should be more of a popular theme.

The Foundations Of A Good Slot

Castle Builder obviously addresses our desire for building-based slots. With a name like that, it can’t really be about anything else, can it? With five reels, 15 pay-lines and more royal wedding than you could shake a Prince Albert at, this slot features our reels on the right side of the screen. The left is empty. Until we start building our very own castle as we collect the materials from the building symbols we land on winning pay-lines. Once we’ve built our castle, we can pick a cash prize (a husband or wife at the royal wedding) before moving to the next plot where we can build all over again.

Building on the success of Castle Builder, Rabcat and Microgaming launched Castle Builder II, a perfect successor. We get more opportunities to build and more bonuses but this time we get to select our own avatar! It’s always great to play as a unique character, just like in another of Microgaming’s favourites, Jungle Jim El Dorado. There, the heroic character joins us on the reels as we take down temples. Okay, so it’s the very reverse of building. But at least with Microgaming’s epic Rolling Reels™ system we get to smash our way to slots success.

Building Like Boris

BoJo might not have the best ideas but there’s always something to take from them. In this case it’s made us realise that we need more building-related games. We love building on the Castle Builder series and destroying on Jungle Jim El Dorado. But when we’re in a constructive mood, we need more options.