The Slots Go Wild

Why is the Wild feature in a slot called a Wild? Wait, that was a rhetorical question, we’re about to give a whole spiel on it but if you have answered it, kudos to you. We were going to mainly say that it’s because they make slots…wait for it…go wild. Get it? Oh, never mind. But they are an integral part of any slots playing experience.

When Slots Wins Go Wild

The main purpose of a Wild feature is that it can replace any other symbol to help create winning combinations. For instance, if you’ve almost completed a payline but your symbols are one shy and a Wild is there then it will complete that payline and hey presto! You’ve created a winner from nothing. They help to create winning combos and are a huge part of helping us land those wins.

Some of the best Wilds come with their own mini-features or dedicated animations. A perfect example is NetEnt using wilds in its Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot to great effect, coming as it does with the Wild-O-Tron feature (original name, we know). This transforms the robot symbols into Wilds and can lead to the reel set filling up completely with Wilds and giving us 500 times our stake! Then there’s ELK’s award-winning Wild Toro slot which has the Toro Goes Wild Bonus and the Toro Walking Wild feature. The beauty of these, other than the huge wins we can bag from them, is that we get amazing animations, such as Toro chasing the matador across the screen. It’s brilliant, it’s a laugh-a-minute and it’s…yup, I’m going to say it…it’s wild!

Winning Wild You’re Ahead

A slot doesn’t have to have ‘wild’ in the name just for it to have an innovative Wild feature. The majority of slots use Wilds in unique and increasingly innovative ways. They help to enhance our slots experiences, definitely improving our chances of winning and if we get nifty videos and animations along the way, then even better. Glory to the Wild!