For a football fan, the summer is always the dry time. Which, let’s face it, is refreshing in itself because it’s usually still bucketing down outside. But the start of football seasons across Europe has not only brought grins to the faces of many terrace-goers but also to the fingertips of iGamers everywhere.

Would you be surprised if I told you that Casino Kings always sees a surge in gamers playing football-related online slots when the season proper kicks back in?

Microgaming’s Football Star is as close to the beautiful game as we can get across the five reels of an online slot without FIFA trying to sign the game’s avatars up as ambassadors for the game. (Obviously not trying to say anything about FIFA’s credibility or anything, cough, cough, legal disclaimer.)

But fortunately Microgaming’s intense and enjoyable rip-roaring ride across the reels encapsulates everything that we should be celebrating about the beautiful game – excitement, passion and not diving all over the place and crying when another player brushes past you.

So maybe it’s only natural that football fans watch their teams in action on the opening day of the season having witnessed them triumph/capitulate/bore us all to death with a 0-0 snore fest (delete as appropriate) then log in to their Casino Kings account to celebrate/commiserate/try and wake themselves up with wins across Microgaming’s 243 Ways.

The funny thing is the game receives such a high percentage of hits than there could possibly be genuine football fans, and surely that revolves down to Football Star‘s playability and bonuses on offer? How does Rolling Reels ™ and Striking Wilds sound, amid flurries of animations that make even the most anti-football rugby fan sit up and take note.

Talk about the universal language of football, how about the Universal language of online slots?

Are you watching, Sepp Blatter? I bet you wopuld take a £100 welcome bonus from the Kings eh Sepp?????