The Year Of Live Casino Play

We saw scores of great slots released in 2018. But the gaming innovations did not stop at super slots. The year also witnessed a resurgence of live casino play with developers releasing new titles. If you thought the novelty was wearing thin, think again. There is still plenty of life in live casino games and plenty for studios to pull out of their development bags. In fact, all the stops have been pulled out to create innovative, live casino gaming. And it’s been pretty damn swell.

Come Alive!

The perks of live casino gaming, as we all know, are that we get to enjoy a lifelike casino experience at our fingertips. Not just because of the visual effects, but because we’ve actually got a live dealer right in front of us. Talking to us. Interacting with us. Yet we’ve not even left our living room. And there’s the basic beauty of it all.

But this has been expanded on. Massively. We can now play live casino games either online or on our mobile. At a party and it’s booooooring? Head over to the casino instead on your fully responsive Casino Kings mobile site and liven things up to the max. And let’s look at some of the innovation that’s gone on. Innovative games like Great Rhino Roulette give us a cross between a slot and classic Roulette. Each live casino game we have offers different features, bonuses and new experiences each and every time we fire them up. So what’s next?

The Future Of Live Casino

As well as making live casino games more immersive and realistic, we’ve seen new features and designated lobbies for live games. So what can we expect in 2019? 3D gaming where the dealer pops out before our very eyes? Or how about virtual reality, which will literally take us to another level? Whatever it is, we can’t wait. And the really good thing is that we won’t have to.