Ahh, three reel slots. The signs of a bygone age. Or is it really? Sure, three reel slots are what started the online gaming craze before evolving to the five reel slots we know and adore. But the classic slots still have a place in our hearts. So much so, that plenty of new slots are being released on three reels to give us a nostalgic experience. Which we now call retro. And then we have slots which go above and beyond, like Fruity 3×3.

Taking Three Reels To The Next Level

How can we improve upon a three reel slot? How can we fit in as many fruit and bells and bar symbols while trying to break the mould? Why, we need three lots of three reel slots of course. That’s just what we get on the innovative Fruity 3×3 slot. If it sounds like a tongue twister, it is. But it’s one heck of an enjoyable one.

On the screen we basically see nine mini-games. Three reel cases on three lines. No longer do we just have to match symbols across one payline, this time it’s nine. The typical symbols appear, such as Watermelons, Triple Bars, Double Bars, Cherries and so forth, meaning it’s time to get fruity in 8-bit design to hammer home the retro feel. All we need to do is match symbols across one of the paylines but of course, we now have nine chances to do so. Each of which gives us a different multiplier to our payout and each symbol rewards us differently. It’s tasty stuff.

Innovation Station Threeway

1×2 Gaming gives us a unique take on three reel slots. Maybe it should change its name to 1 + 2 Gaming? Oh that’s a bad one, isn’t it? Sorry, no more Dad jokes from me! Instead, we’ll go back in time to where I belong – to the world of three reel slots.