Time For A Vacation

When isn’t it time for a vacation? Or should I say, when is it time for work?

The beauty of mobile gaming is surely that we can spin mobile slots and casino games wherever we may be, for I am the King of the Casino said he. But the only point to note is that not all online slots are available on a mobile platform. “Whaaaaaaaaat!” I hear you cry.

Well, they say you should never start on a negative, but sometimes you can out neg a neggy, because sometimes it takes what you can’t have to realise what you do have.

If I can stop speaking cryptically for just one moment (kel relief), let’s take the example of NextGen Gaming’s Doctor Love series. Well, I say series. It’s a series of two. And no matter how hard I campaign there seems to be no promise of a third. Surely Doctor Love Spraying The Nation has a winning ring to it?

 Now, Doctor Love and Doctor Love On Vacation – both shot through with NextGen’s trademark Aussie humour – are both available across our online and mobile platforms. Boom! Upshot?

Well, you can play both on your vacation. Assuming you’ve cleared your roaming tariff with your mobile provider obviously. You wouldn’t want to win £/$/€163 spinning Doctor Love‘s reels only to find you’ve got a cellphone bill of £252. That would suck big chops, big time.

And as for Doctor Love On Vacation...well, it really does get you in holiday mood. (Hmm, could we win some cash to put towards an impromptu luxury break, perhaps?) And his nurse companion gets me in a mood of a completely different kind.

But that’s another story altogether.