Want monsters? Want madness? Want some guy called Tom to create it for you? Well, we’re not sure about the latter part, but Tom Horn Gaming definitely serves up the goods with its superb new slot, Monster Madness.

When Monsters Meet The Future

If Monsters Inc. is anything to go by, we know that monsters aren’t anything to be afraid of anymore. They should be embraced and celebrated as they gear us up for monster wins and scary spins. Tom Horn ran with this idea to present us a future utopia where monsters get up to all sorts of antics.

Across three reels and eight paylines, the scene is set for the monster madness to begin. In the background we see a futuristic landscape, with vehicles whizzing by. To the right of the three by three grid is a double-headed blue monster. And it’s cute as heck! It cheers us on as we spin the reels on the Monster Madness slot, watching the different monster symbols pay out to varying degrees. The orange one’s our fave, giving us 24 times our bet for three appearances. The green-eyed symbol activates Free Spins and switches things up to a new screen for the bonus round – a nice touch. Even nicer is when we win 200 times our bet!

Monster Madness Brings Monster Fun

With a mission to give us an intense gaming experience, Tom Horn certainly starts the year by living up to its name with Monster Madness. Having a cute slot mascot that gets giddy with excitement before landing wins is fun to see. And did we say cute? We think we’ve found our new favourite slots mascot.