Playing slots are fun. We get that. But we also get how important it is to be a good slots player. We want to bag those spondoolics, don’t we? That’s why we’ve taken the time to share our top five skills you need to become a superstar slots player. And no doubt you’re doing all of them already. But it’s always good to check, right?

Tips On Becoming A Slot Star

Number One: Always research the game. It can be tempting to go straight into a new slot when we see one. Funky characters like those in EyeCon’s Pig’s Feast slot, cool visuals and brilliant bonuses, what’s not to love? But it’s always important to check out the paytable, rules and read up on how the bonuses work. It might be boring but it’ll help you get accustomed to all the nuances of a slot and improve the way you play.

Number Two: Play at the same place. If you’re playing a slot at different casinos, you’re just throwing money away because all the bonuses and progress you’ve accrued isn’t carried over. But, if you play at Casino Kings for instance, you’ll be able to keep all your slot process, deposits, accrued points and can easily take off where you left off.

Number Three: Use bonuses wisely. Keep your eyes peeled for any bonuses because they can be used on your favourite slots. If it’s a blooming marvellous deposit bonus then you can use it to add more funds to your account, which means more money to put towards slots. And more chances to win. Also watch out for slot specific promotions.

Number Four: Know when to stop. It’s important to make sure you’re aware of how much you’re spending on slots. The point is to play for fun (and to win!) but if it’s detrimental to you, then stop. You can set limits to control this if needs be.

Number Five: The most important one of all – Have Fun! Enjoy everything a slot has to offer, get lost in the visuals and smile when those winning paylines come rolling,m tumbling or cascading in.

Ready To Play?

There you have it. That’s how we recommend you become a top slots player. (But we’re sure you’re already completely ace.) Now it’s just time to get out there and enjoy yourself!