So Benny the Beluga pleased the denizens of London by swimming up the Thames. But hold your horses, there’s no need to rush to London just to see him. In any case, he’s swanned off back to his ocean habitat. First of all, we’re hoping old Benny will swim back out to sea. And, secondly, we can enjoy better aquatic adventures by playing some of Microgaming’s sea-based slots.

Underwater Action On The Slots

We can dive headfirst into the ocean depths and search for buried treasure. All without having to get wet ourselves. We simply fire up Microgaming’s classic Mermaids Millions slot. Across five reels and 15 paylines, we see King Neptune, Mermaids, buried Treasure Chests and a range of bonus games that would send Benny splashing towards the ocean depths to join us on our treasure hunt.

But Mermaids Millions isn’t the only nautical adventure that Microgaming has released. And it’s not just Microgaming’s love of mermaid slots to which the Isle of Man powerhouse has treated us. There’s even more treasure to be found on its Moby Dick Slot, a slot imagining of the classic whale tale. Across five reels and 25 paylines, we join Captain Ahab as we traverse the surface of the ocean before meeting the great Moby. With a Win Freezing feature which locks successful symbols in place and a generous round of Free Spins, this is probably the best depiction of Moby Dick we’ve ever seen.

Making A Splash On The Slots

While Benny the Beluga made a splash swimming up the Thames, we’re making an even bigger splash by playing Microgaming’s oceanic slots. Buried treasure, adventure, excitement, combined with free spins, bonus rounds and amazing gameplay make it plenty more appealing than a trip to the capital.