What’s Your Best Name Game?

Online slots developers love a good pun. Unless you’re Thunderkick. Then you play it nice and cool, like Ice Man off of Top Gun.

So as I was happily gaming my across this last weekend I was giggling to myself at some of the names that these developers come out with. I decided to try to find a favourite online slots name.

I would have done casino games too but I felt that the shrift was short here – casino games tend to play it very straight indeed (like Multi-Hand Blackjack, for example. Incredibly playable, but not the most imaginative spark in the tinderbox).

So I set out some rules. First, I’m only including desktop games – most mobile games are duplicates, so I felt it unfair to widen that field. Second, I’ve included instants and scratch cards too because there were just some too good to discount. Third, if I liked it and I hadn’t played it, I had to give it a go.

That’s it. It was a tough job, but it gave me a bit of an extra laugh as I plundered our annals (careful) for the best slot puns and tried to win some coins while I was at it.

First up in my top three is Dogfather, Microgaming’s send-up of a famous gangster-movie classic. But can you guess which one? If you can’t, you need to have a word with yourself.

Second has to go to Germinator, also by Microgaming. The bugs will definitely be back, but you wouldn’t want your clothes, your boots or your motorcycle if they’d got their hands on them.

Third in my top three is Tootin’ Car Man from NextGen if only to prevent Microgaming from making it a clean sweep. Turns out those guys really love a tenuously titled slot.

Think I’m on drugs? Send in your favourites. All I read will win my respect and admiration, and I might even have a tinkle on them too.

Not like that.