All RPG fans can now rejoice as Scratchcards online  and slots fans get their very own epic game, which gives us the chance to level up, play as different characters and play for big wins along the way. Developed by Skillzz Gaming, in partnership with Microgaming, Battle Mania Game is the Final Fantasy of the slots world. And if it’s anything like the latter, this revolutionary game will stand the test of time.


Having extended its online portfolio from slots to pretty much everything, it comes as no surprise that Battle Mania is lacking in the reels department. But it’s supposed to, as this game combines the RPG battle nature of turn-based-games with mobile card games. Essentially, there are a range of characters for us to choose from. We simply select their card and add them to our army, with different teams giving different volatility ratings and unique abilities.

At the top of the screen we see five enemies spread out, with health bars beneath them. Beneath that we see the cards with the avatars of our team. To get started, we place a bet to see how much damage our characters do. Underneath the character are crystals, which show damage points. For example, if our archer has three crystals, we can take off five bars from a baddie. They all have five bars in total, and after each attack, their health goes down and once dead, we gain our win. Our heroes have unique triggered abilities, such as healing powers, instant kills or resurrecting allies, which can be triggered at random. The word fun doesn’t give it justice!


On Battle Mania, we aim to progress to different levels, known as islands within the game. To do so, we need a set number of cards, which can appear at random after each bet. Once we’ve got this, we move to the next stage where the wins are bigger and the bonuses are different. Each island has its own bonus, ranging from Boss Fights to five Free Battles. The Treasure Island can be accessed every 12 hours and by betting on it, all wins gain a 25% boost, so it’s always worth checking it out. The Treasure Island is also aptly named, for it is here that we can scoop the game’s top jackpot of 100,000 coins.


Battle Mania Game pushes the boundaries of online gaming and gives us something to enjoy when we’ve had our fill of online slots.  The warrior type characters, turn-based action and various levels should quench the thirst of any RPG fans out there. It goes without saying that Battle Mania could be improved if the characters were individually designed, rather than depicted on cards, but surely this is just a taster of what’s to come? Saying that, with the winning possibilities this game has to offer, it’s enough to keep us from loading up the Xbox.