Ah, the Lotto. One of the longest-serving games on the history of the planet. But Boss The Lotto casual Scratchcards game from Gamevy does away with history and unveils a new era of Lotto play – an era in which we can keep on picking as many Lotto numbers as we like. The more we pick, the higher our prize. Intrigued? you will be.


What is your biggest bugbear with playing a “regular” lotto? Is it the waiting for your balls to drop or is it the near misses, landing several balls just one number out and missing out on a potentially massive windfall?

Gamevy dispenses with these with a few skillfully executed game-play touches. Firstly, we are faced with 49 balls, lined up neatly in rows of eight and nine, each row a different shade, fading from pink to blue across six rows. The idea is that, once we have selected our stake, we pick six numbers as normal with most lotto games. Unlike most lottos, there are six bad balls hidden in the 49 in front of us. As soon as we hit a bad ball, the game is over and we lose our stake and win nothing. However, once we uncover six balls – all good balls reveal a spinning green £ so we know which ones we have picked and can devise a strategy to avoid the bad balls – we double our stake. Not only do we double our stake, but we can also carry on to increase our win potential further. With ever successful pick, we increase our win by 50% of our stake per ball uncovered.


So it is clear to see that the higher our stake, the higher our potential win. However, once we start to uncover a long string of balls, the win increments become increasingly impressive. Our top jackpot is €/$/£500,000 for a stake of €/$/£1 per play, while €/$/£10 stake per play not only increases our win increments by €/$/£5 once we get past six correct picks, but also yields a top payout of €/$/£5,000,000 for picking 43 correct balls.


For a simple pick ‘em style casual game, Boss The Lotto is hugely playable. With much better odds than the actual Lotto, Gamevy has revolutionized a game that has pretty much remained unchanged for nearly 2,000 years. Can we win the Lotto? Heck, not only can we win it, but we can boss it too.