Who wants a red card in football? Even the roughest soccer players would raise eyebrows if they picked up six in a row. That’s precisely what we have to avoid in the Red Card Slot, an action-packed Scratchcards online game from Gamevy. The more balls we uncover, the greater our prize. With a host of trophies to win along the way and a jackpot fit for a footballer waiting for us at the final whistle.


The British believe that a good game of football needs to be played at a high tempo. While the Spanish might favour a more measured approach and the Italians prefer a tactical game. Whatever your tactics, Gamevy have added a few nice game-play touches to bring its own gaming passion to the field. We choose our stake before the game, though naturally every game is high stakes. Here, we can range from $/£/€1 – $/£/€10, so while it’s not quite the kind of stakes that we’d expect a top footballer to be throwing at it but plenty good enough for us.

Our game board is laid out like a football pitch, covered in balls. The balls are numbered 1 – 49, the premise being that we must uncover them to reveal either a footballer’s dream – a glittering trophy – or a footballer’s nightmare – the dreaded red card. There are six red cards hidden somewhere on the board – and the six red cards sit above the board, almost teasing us with the knowledge that one wrong move and we are facing the ultimate punishment. All along, a bustling, faintly cheering crowd makes for a lively atmosphere, and the sounds that include the odd referee’s whistle goes a long way to adding depth to the game-play.


So, we know we can win trophies, but like any modern day footballer trophies aren’t enough. We need those big money deals that good players deserve. We bag our first bonus when we successfully land six cups – immediately doubling our initial stake. For each subsequent trophy we uncover over the next six balls, we earn half our stake for each ball, then our full stake for the next six, and then again in increasing increments. The more trophies we uncover, the higher our prize, until uncovering all 43 trophies with no red cards yields $/£/€500,000 as our top jackpot prize for a $/£/€1 stake, while a $/£/€10 outlay could see us net a cool $/£/€5,000,000.


For a seemingly simple casual game, Gamevy’s Red Card Scratchcard Slot has great depth. It encapsulates everything we love about the beautiful game – atmosphere, gameplay, trophies, red cards and big wins. Like a good title challenge, the closer we get the more exciting it becomes. Unlike many big games of football, this title has the hallmarks of a classic.