Like the crazed Online slots fans we are, we flock to inventive releases. The Birdz online slot from Games Warehouse is precisely that – wonderfully creative, fun and well executed. It’s innovative take on a five reel slot sees the birds (or birdz) of the game’s title make up our winning symbols in a reel-less five rows. That’s not to say there aren’t reels. The birds make them up, too. And, with 30 pay-lines, randomly-triggered bonus features plus a bonus trail to keep these birds flying in, we have plenty to get us in a flap about.


Our action takes place on three wires between two telegraph poles. The birds in question make up our game symbols, and are various colours and sizes of blinking avians. Land a winning combo across the game’s 30 pay-lines and those birds disappear, with more feathery flyers cascading into their places. Should they also form winning combos, they will cascade and so on, potentially creating new wins with every consecutive fall. Behind the reels, clouds, hot air balloons and planes make their way across the bright blue sky.

Games Warehouse’s game design is excellent, with the birds being the deadpan dodos we know and love, until those dodos doo-doo on our fresh cleaned cars, of course. There’s no bird poop here, thankfully. But when we “spin” these “reels”, the birds on the wire fly away to be replaced by a new set of birds in their places. It’s an innovative take on the spinning reels, not only delivering thematic excellence but also entertainment. All the while, excellent puns run across the top banner. We’re talking pure gold, like “Parrotdise is coming”. Genius.


Games Warehouse continues its superb skillz in Birdz with several well-designed slot bonus features to keep us intrigued and hunting for big bonus wins. The Bonus Trail highlights a list of bonus features to the left of the poles. These are Shotgun, Shotgun x2, Zap!, Pecking Order!, Scarecrow and Cracking Wilds! Each consecutive win highlights a further bonus trail feature. When we see no more wins in that streak, the bonus trail features begin to kick in from the top down. So say, for example, we achieve six consecutive wins and light up all six features on the Bonus Trail. The first non-winning spin will see the top bonus activated, with the bonuses moving their way down the trail until we have used all the bonus features. Or, when we score more wins, we move back up the Bonus Trail. The trail mechanism busts lean streaks nicely.

But it’s not all fair-weather flying for the birds in question in this online slot. The Bird Blitz triggers randomly, sending the skies thunderous and our rows of birds flying in and out until we find a winning combo. A level on the bonus trail is activated with each winning combo, remember, so the Bird Blitz can easily kick off a multiple-spins series of cascading wins.


Whether you were an avian fan or not before you played the Birdz slot, such is the superb creativity within the game that you won’t help but be a fan after it. The game mechanic is excellent, the design superb and the bonus trail quite simply a feature that is sure to win over even the most particular online slots fan. Overall, it’s flaps away with the Birdz slot and eggs-ellence all the way.

Birdz Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 30 5 0.30 150 1 1 95.42% 250,000 2017