If you are allergic to seafood this may not prove the most appetizing of online slots, though in all truth you won’t be asked to eat any so your stomach will be fine. If, however, you find classic online slots appetizing then you had better start reaching for the napkins because in firing up this bad boy you will be salivating at your chops before you can say, “Where’s my EpiPen?”


Now then, if you are too young to remember the days of BARs, fruits and 7s then clapping (or should that be clamming?) your eyes on this title will be like taking a step back in a gaming DeLorian. This three reel slot uses some of the classic symbols to pay out across…wait for it…a single payline! That’s right folks, these slots were the type that pub-goers up and down the continent would be slamming coins into in the hope of scooping bumper payouts. Microgaming have captured that very essence and substituted some traditional symbols – such as cherries or fruits – with Clams. Wow! Someone got paid a lot of money for that one. Talk about being so refreshing it’s like being submerged in a gushing mountain spring. Or in this case salty seawater.

We do have some betting options, however, which is at least more than most games of this era can offer. Our prize breakdowns are also detailed to the right of the screen, so we know what to expect in return if we land any winning combinations. Having the prizes so handy also allows for a smidge of strategy to come into play, so hats off to Microgaming for that one too.


While the gameplay is basic, Microgaming have managed to squeeze in a bonus feature in the shape of a Wild clam of the game’s title. A single Cash Clam symbol on the payline pays x2 the winning combination it completes, and two Cash Clams symbols pay x4 the winning combination. Three Cash Clams achieve a winning combination of their own – a 10 coin return off a single coin bet and a 20 coin return from a two coin bet – and can graduate from Sea School with the rest of their peers.


In the modern gaming era it is easy to shy away from games that appear simple and basic. While this slot title from Microgaming scores big on both, it is surprisingly playable and the extra Wild bonus brings a second level of gameplay to take such a basic slot to the next level. Plus it’s an aphrodisiac. Oh wait, that’s oysters…

Cash Clams Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
1 3 0.25 5 1 2 94.99% 200 1999