It may sound like a Scottish exclamation of upset, but in actual fact it is about a bunch of owls on the lash – perhaps a frat house, (or a frat hoose, if you will?). These hooting tooties are having a hoot, and we’re invited. Time to spread your wings and mingle, old bean. Lets play the What A Hoot Slot.


This game is garish – but I mean that in a good way. The first thing that hits you is the sound. This is a high-octane party – I don’t know what these owls have been up to or what they are on but one thing’s for sure: the neighbours are going to be complaining and the police are going to be called.

But these aren’t just owls. Microgaming have given them personalities, and we do feel as though we can get to know them. Their names are Hoot, Alfred, Barney, Charlie and Darryl, and populate the five reels alongside some tasty owl treats like berries, acorns and sunflower seeds. Everyone experiments in college, and these guys really know how to party.


Just like the heads of these avian partygoers when they wake up tomorrow morning, there is no bonus to be found in this game. It may seem strange not to have a bonus feature in today’s world of 100mph gaming, but one thing it really does do is let us sit back and enjoy the gameplay.

Don’t worry though, we still have ways to boost our winnings. The game’s Wild symbol is our Wild owl friends ensconced in a wooded party. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols and makes our hootenanny – aha – extra juicy. Our Scatter symbol a, err…Jar (seriously – a jar – don’t ask me why) pays out 2, 10 and 50 coins if we land three, four or five of them.


This game has to be played just to be experienced. It’s true that they don’t make them like this any more, but it’s certainly interesting to see how far we have come and where we have been. Just like a Bonkers album this is our chance to go back to the old school, packed lunch and all.

What A Hoot Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 9 5 0.25 5 N/A N/A 91.89% 25,000 2010