Thankfully the Judge Dredd Slot game will not be remembered in the same vein as Judge Dredd, Sylvester Stallone’s dire movie attempt, just as many people think of Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Fortunately for us all Next Gen Gaming are working hard to restore pride in the 2000AD comic book hero with this online slot. And who better to recreate this dystopian masterpiece than Next Gen?


If ever there was a soundtrack that is sure to be present in a futuristic desolate world it is rock. Plus, you can imagine Dredd pumping iron to a hard rock riff. The soundtrack dips eerily in and out of synth rock as we spin the five reels and take aim for any of the 25 paylines on offer. Dredd’s aim was always deadly, and we’ll hope to channel him good style in his fight against the crime lords of Mega City One, some of whom form some of the other well-detailed symbols across our reels that gives the base game an authentic feel.


Judge Dredd was judge, jury and executioner, literally steamrollering his way to justice on a bike with wheels like a Canyonaro. We can steamroller our way to winnings with NextGen’s trademark SuperBet feature, which increases Dredd Wild action with every twist of Dredd’s blaster dial. Full-on SuperBet means full-on Dredd, with Wild symbols active across all five reels.

Dredd’s beloved badge is his honour, and it also our honour if we land three or more of these Scatters. Never in an online slot has it been more appropriate to say that three or more Scatters trigger a bonus game, and as trigger happy as Dredd is the free spins feature is fitting and Dredded. While 10 free spins seems on the low side for a bonus game, the increased Wilds make more for a happy ending than Dredd was ever allowed in the comics.

And no Judge Dredd online slot would be complete without the Judge’s famous saying: “I am the law!” making an appearance somewhere. What better way for Judge Dredd to prove that he is the law than by awarding us random wins? He launches into the base game in neat animations and blasts away the symbols in a nice random touch. Okay, Judge! You are the law! Just stop shooting at me!


By staying faithful to the original comics Next Gen have given this slot a truly genuine feel.The neat and inventive bonus games couple well with the SuperBet feature to ensure that we won’t hold a grudge against the Judge for doling out his own brand of hardcore justice on us.

Judge Dredd Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
25 5 0.25 1250 N/A N/A 95% 4,000 2014