Anyone who has seen Kung Fu Panda will be interested to see what this kick ass piggie has to offer the genre in the Karate Pig Slot game. Basically, we need to ask ourselves: will Jack Black play this pig in the movie adaptation? Well, the answer is that I could quite see him doing it, particularly if he embarks on any more vanity comedies like Nacho Libre.


Microgaming have seen an opportunity here to mix an Oriental theme with a cartoonish kung-fu story. I’ll be honest – it’s a winning combination. The upbeat soundtrack squeals Eastern action, of the kind that gets you wondering if Daniel La Russo is going to pitch up in some sort of car-waxing montage. Fortunately he isn’t. The chief characters in this wallowing tale include our feisty piggie, his wizened teacher (of indeterminate species), a bonzai tree (naturally), a lucky cat (of course) and the villain of the piece – a mean looking wild boar. I’m going to call him Dave.

In terms of betting game-play we have the choice of up to 40 pay-lines in this game, though do be advised that there is no plus or minus pay-line buttons, no up or down, so if you select over the amount you choose you have to cycle all the way through to get to the desired amount. Or you can just hit Bet Max to take you all the way to 40 lines.


Microgaming have porked a blinder on this game’s level-based bonus feature – the Karate Chop Bonus. Landing three or more Karate Bonus symbols triggers the feature, and we must choose our path to victory. We have the choice between the Pork Chop Bonus or Hammer Bonus, which we must complete again and again until we become a black belt, awarding us with a new belt colour each time. When we have amassed all our belts, we are ready to take on Dave in the Final Showdown…duh, duh, DUH!

The Pork Chop Bonus and Hammer Bonus are pick-me games that see us use our karate skills to win bonuses. We must pick three barrels from six hanging in our wizened sensai’s eatery and three ice cubes in some sort of weird frozen seafood cemetery. In karate-chopping the barrels into delicious meals and eating implements and head-butting the ice cubes in half we gain our sensai’s approval, earning bonus points each time we do. These bonus points add up to form our bonus winnings, but more importantly after each challenge we are one belt better off and one step closer to defeating Dave in the Final

Showdown with our newly learned karate skills…duh, duh, DUH!

As if these weren’t enough, we also have a free spins feature to go all gooey over in the shape of 15 free ones when we land the Golden Pelican Scatter symbol anywhere on reels 1 and 5. All wins during the free spins game are doubled, meaning we don’t have to worry about looking for any flying pigs in our win hunt.


This Karate Pig Slot blend from Microgaming is an expert mix of cartoon, karate and porking around. If I had a 1lb of sausages every time I’d fancied porking a wild boar called Dave I’d be retired right now, very fat and very happy.

Karate Pig Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
40 5 0.01 0.5 1 10 96.52% 800,000 2012