Oh, to have been at the pitch for this Machine Gun Unicorn Slot from Genesis Gaming! Somebody had a dream while listening to hard rock after having read their daughter a bedtime story. The result is this five reel, three-row 10 payline slot which is as creative as it is mental. Definitely one in the far out fantasy category, but worth its weight in spins.


Any fantasy tale such as this needs a back story, and Genesis Gaming treats us to a comic-book style intro that sets the scene perfectly. Twinkling notes accompany the introduction – “Once upon a time in a beautiful land, magical ponies lived in peace and happiness. Until one day they were attacked…” (heavy rock kicks in) “…BY ZOMBIES!”

The premise may have a hint of a Hobo With A Shotgun feel to it, but the result here is far more appealing. I mean, who cares about zombies? If they are attacking peaceful unicorns, they deserve to get their brains shot out. And that they do. As you’d expect from a comic-book style online slot, Machine Gun Unicorn is incredibly visual. The brightly coloured Ponies contrast nicely with the dirt-green Zombies, who appear as heads in jars. Oddly enough, the Zombies are the game’s highest-paying symbols, presumably because we score the points when we blast them. You might think that 10 paylines limits our chances at blasting up these zombies and scoring decent wins, but these paylines pay BOTH WAYS. BLAM…BLAM…BLAM!


While some might say that blasting the hell out of zombies is bonus enough in an online slot, we nevertheless prefer it if our games have at least one dedicated bonus feature. Machine Gun Unicorn duly obliges, with the eponymous title hero appearing as the game’s Wild symbol on reel 3. Not only does the Machine Gun Unicorn substitute for all other symbols, he (or she) blasts any Zombies on the reels all the way to Hades in the Symbol Bombs Feature. All Zombie heads will explode, revealing a coin prize for our trouble. The more Zombie heads we explode the bigger the prize, with top prize potential running at 105x our total wager. Kaboom!


This title is worth playing just for the sheer zaniness of it, while the hard rock soundtrack will have you head banging in your seat and wishing that Genesis Gaming had a sideline in downloadable online slot theme tunes. For now, we’ll just have to play it online at our favourite casino house and rock it out while blasting zombies. Alright!

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 10 5 0.1 100 N/A N/A 97.18% 10,000 2015