An Online slot inspired by Maid In Manhattan? Quite possibly, though this outing from NextGen is far more playable than J-Lo’s 2002 film is watchable. Plus, you can roleplay J-Lo and get rich doing it. And you don’t even need a ridiculous bottom to play, although it might help.


It’s clear that this Maid is after serious riches, but what’s not clear is how she intends to go about doing it. Her maid’s outfit is, shall we say, one that might be better suited to a fancy dress shop than hard graft on her hands and knees…that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean! She is our Wild symbol and it’s clear why – she also enters as a Roaming Wild and bends down to pick up a multiplier from the Cash Bag and lo and behold, everything is on show! And all done to a sleazy jazz soundtrack. Smooth.

Okay, so this game is literally cheeky, but with 25 paylines across the five reels and Cash Bag symbols teeming green dollar like a Benjamin Franklin rainstorm this Maid has every right to be out for number one. I mean, look at what she has to wear to work!


The Wild Cash Bag symbol is the one this Maid wants to get her hands on, and so do we. Every Cash Bag that appears across the five reels can multiply our total bets up to x3, and I’ll leave it in your hands, so to speak, whether you count the Maid’s bent over antics as a bonus or not.

The game’s Cashpot Feature awards 10 free spins, triggered when we land three Maid O’ Money Logos or two Logos and one Cash Bag. During the free spins game Cash Bags appeal across ALL reels, and every bag that appears awards the Cashpot amount. The more Cash Bags, the bigger the Cashpot, and then maybe our Maid wouldn’t have to do that job any more. Or maybe she just likes it and does it for the kicks.

As for our Maid, her Roaming Wild antics are just one Random Wild feature she has up her sleeve. She has access to a Money Wheel, which she’ll spin to provide us with yet more prizes, and a Cash Ladder that she will presumably use to reach hard to dust places. Oh no, my mistake. She’ll drop a coin into her slot and push us up the ladder to boost our winnings. The housework be damned!


This Maid is as Wild as they come, which makes her easy on the eye as well as the wallet. She wants to get rich and bestow some green on us, and of course we’re not complaining. Whichever way you look at it, it sure beats watching that J-Lo movie.

Maid o Money Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 25 5 0.01 625 N/A N/A 95.4% 2,000 2013