Swing your way to winning in NetEnt’s Swipe & Roll Slot Diner, a hip and happening American eatery at the heart of the rock ‘n’ roll Slots scene. If your mind is immediately thinking retro slots action, you’re very much on the right lines. With five reels and 20 pay-lines featuring stacked classic slots symbols, we are in vintage territory. But NetEnt, being NetEnt, includes some modern touches, such as two randomly-triggered bonus features and the eponymous Swipe & Roll Bonus Game that can see us jive hefty hauls from this classic package.


If you were to pick classic slots symbols from yesteryear, it’s likely that you would go for a selection of fruits. So you may not be surprised to see Plums, Oranges and Watermelons take the juicy biscuit as our top-paying game symbols. These are followed up by Queens, Kings and Aces as our lower-paying efforts. All game symbols appear stacked, giving us potential for multiple payline wins at every turn. Our reel case is styled as a vintage jukebox – a nice touch – and it’s no surprise to hear some quintessential rock ‘n’ roll music accompany our game-play. A particular highlight is the guitar riff that bursts into life alongside big wins, with flashing lights highlighting pay-line wins to add to the pizzazz of the affair.


Slot machines from the 50s wouldn’t have featured randomly-triggered bonus games, so the inclusion of two here is somewhat of an anachronism, but a welcome one. First, the Wild Re-spin feature sees us earn a single Re-spin with fixed Wilds when we land any three Wild symbols across the reels. These Wilds can also contain multipliers, boosting win potential yet further. Second, the Coin Wheel gives us a single spin on a single reel, but rather than game symbols this reel now contains coin win values. The highlighted centre position is our win zone, though we have expansion arrows that will expand the win zone up, down or both to potentially encompass all three positions and allow us to swipe additional prizes.

But the Swipe & Roll slot’s headlining bonus feature is the Swipe & Roll Bonus Game. We trigger the feature by landing three Bell Scatters anywhere across the reels, which also deliver satisfying bell-rings as accompaniments. In similar fashion to the Coin Wheel bonus, we now spin each of the three reels to see what prizes we can land in the win zone. These could be any coin wins, though expansion arrows can once again expand the win zone either up or down. With five rows of prizes available and coin values between 20 – 1,000, we could leave this diner very satisfied customers.


It is with NetEnt’s typical development flourishes that the Swedish slots studio delivers its Swipe & Roll slot, a journey through classic rock ‘n’ roll and classic slots play. The stacked symbols stack up our base game winnings, which are topped up nicely by the random wins we land from the Coin Wheel and Wild Re-spin features. But it is the Swipe & Roll Bonus Game that will set us dancing in these diner booths right around the clock, by which time we will be aiming for our pockets to be as full as our bellies.

Swipe & Roll Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
20 5 0.2 100 1 10 96.35% 1,620,000 (coins) 2018