Only Kings can sit upon the great Throne Of Egypt. Casino Kings. The throne beholds magical symbols and bestows mysterious riches upon those who spin its reels. Are you the brave adventurer who will sit upon the Slots throne and conduct your Kingly business? No, not like that. In a non-toilet way. Good. Then play on!


No self-respecting Egyptian-themed game would be complete without a full Egyptian soundtrack, and Throne Of Egypt Slot delivers with aplomb. If you close your eyes you could imagine being fanned by scantily clad Egyptian servants. Provided you had a fan on. Or you had actual Egyptian servants. The symbols across the five reels are suitably mysterious and Egyptian. A golden scarab, a golden eagle, an Onyx-headed god carrying staffs of gold. Safe to say that there’s a lot of gold floating around. And that is precisely what you can scoop if you score big across the 25 paylines.


One of the greatest mysteries the pyramids hold is the treasure they hide beneath. Beneath this enjoyable base game lies a wealth of different chambers, each with it’s own forbidden treasure. Three Eye of Horus Scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4 will unlock the Bonus Chamber.

We first venture into the Scarab Chamber, where we must pick scarabs until we find the golden key (see – more gold!) to progress to the next chamber. Each scarab reveals a multiplier that boosts our original bet. The second, deeper chamber is the Eagle Bonus chamber. We must pick between these poor poultries to procure our golden key and the multipliers besides.

The third and final chamber is that of the Egyptian princesses, between whom we must choose. Each of them will bestow a great multiplier upon us, like a true Egyptian princess would bestow multiple children. Possibly with human bodies and cat heads.

On top of this adventurous chambering we can also bag a glittering 15 free spins if we land a Wild Cobra Lantern symbol on reels 1 and 5. All our treasures are doubled during these bonus babies, with the added allure of the possibility of them re-triggering like an ancient Egyptian prophecy.


With plenty of other Egyptian-themed online slots on offer this one from Microgaming has plenty to discern it from the rest. The weird (and very Egyptian!) symbols provide enough mystery alongside the classic soundtrack to hook us with an enjoyable base game while the bountiful bonuses grant us the treasure we so crave. The only thing missing is Brendan Fraser.

Throne of Egypt Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 25 5 0.01 0.2 1 10 96.41% 500,000 2011