Well of Wonders, well of light, well of fairies’ sparkling light! Innovative Slots house Thunderkick tears up the rulebook once more with this twinkling Well Of Wonders Slot release, that whisks us to a magical well in a fairies forest, doing away with traditional reels and pay-lines and sprinkling more than a fair share of fairy magic in the process.


Firstly, Thunderkick’s game design is superb. The well in the game’s title takes centre stage – a stone construction that glimmers with shining runes. A series of numbers also decorate the bottom of the well – could these be multipliers? More on that later. Sparks flit in the air and the whole background seems to shimmer, as does the mist that floats mysteriously out of the well. A twinkling harp accompanies our gameplay, lifting the mystical air surrounding our reels.

Only, that’s just it. There are no reels. Instead, when we “Spin”, seven Runes that are our game symbols swoosh out of the well to hover in front of us, spinning in mid air. These Runes take various shapes and forms, set with luminous grooves. We are looking to match three or more symbols to score a win, while any winners disappear in a haze of magic to be replaced by fresh Runes, which may also score winning combinations.


It is the winning combinations from these Respins that pave the way for any mystical haul of loot we will scoop from this enchanted forest. Any winning combo highlights the numbers surrounding the well, for these are indeed multipliers. They run 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32, making landing six concurrent winning combinations the ultimate bonus, yielding a x32 multiplier.

Aside from this Respin Multiplier feature, the Well of Wonders online slot also features a randomly-triggered bonus feature. The Fairy Feature unleashes a shimmering burst of bright white light, with the Fairy zipping across our screen to magic a winning combination where there was none. She also tips her wand to the multipliers around the base of the well, selecting a multiplier at random. With this, she is gone, but we now begin the next spin from whichever multiplier she has bestowed upon us.


The unique design for this “slot” is reminiscent of Thunderkick’s Fruit Warps online slot. The twinkling game design and shimmering setting will captivate us as any enchanting wood should, while the search for the flitting fairy is our path to mystical winnings. Well of Wonders is a slots title that must be experienced, if not for the delightful nature of its gameplay then for the allure of its Multiplying Respins.

Well Of Wonders Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 35x2 7 0.1 100 N/A N/A 96.1% 228,000 2017