Well, we’d never have guessed it, but Eyecon has only gone and done it. Yep, it has created Yo Yo’s Wild Slot based on the best children’s toy in the world – the glorious yoyo. We don’t know what went through its slots developers’ minds when thinking up this new concept, but we’re glad they ate (or smoked) whatever they did. Because Yo Yo’s Wild is a fanciful trip down memory lane, even if it does have a rogue apostrophe.


As soon as we load up Eyecon’s Yo Yo’s Wild slot we see yoyos swing into play. There’s no skimping on the yoyo front here. Across five reels and 25 paylines we get the traditional card values set amongst various coloured yoyos. With each spin, the reels don’t spin like a traditional slot. Instead we enjoy five individual yoyos, extending down on string to cover each whole reel. As they then spring back up, the symbols are revealed. It’s definitely a fun alternative to the typical slot spin.

The thing with Yo Yo’s Wild Slot is that you need to love yoyos. But who doesn’t? The background of the reel case is made of stripy yoyo design, it’s almost hypnotic. When the reels spin and the yoyos come down, they’re coloured almost like seafront lollipops, but then perhaps this is because yoyos never got the credence they deserved. By brightening them up, they definitely appeal even more, especially when the colour matches the sound effects of pinging winning combinations.


Here’s where Yo Yo’s Wild really comes into its own – the bonuses. The different Yoyo symbols act as the Wild, so with five of them in play, that’s plenty of chances to land those wins. And the Scatter gives us two extra Respins when it appears three times on the reels. But Eyecon being Eyecon, it didn’t just settle on any old animation when this comes into effect. No, it brings to life all those cool yoyo tricks that we could never do. The Walk the Dog trick flashes on screen, rolling across the bottom of the reels in an L shape filled with Wilds. Two yoyos at the same time flash diagonally across the screen and Around The World completes a circle, again filled with Wilds. Now this is how yoyo tricks should be.


Previously, the only time we would say yoyo would be when we’re trying to prove we’re down with the youth of today. Now, we can say it loud and proud and honour the time-old tradition of playing yoyos. But to save embarrassment (probably from the youth of today), we can play it on our mobiles and relive the yoyo experience across the reels. The bonus features add a bit of nostalgia to the gaming experience but with such vibrant graphics and colours, players of any age are sure to enjoy Yo Yo’s Wild.

Yo Yo’s Wild Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 25 5 0.25 12.5 N/A N/A 96.5% 10,000 2018