Slice & Dice is one of those releases, and it’s a darkly comic scratchcard game with some great modern features and a uniquely grisly theme. You take the role of a surgeon trying to save his patient from a bizarre malady – he’s full of dice! Surgical removal is the only option left, so grab your scalpel and get slicing.

How to Play

Slice & Dice does a great job of guiding the player smoothly through the game-play, so you should have no trouble here. The game begins with a popup where you can select the stake you’d like to bet. When you’re ready, click ‘Play’, and your patient will be rolled onto the screen on a gurney. A three by three grid has been drawn onto the patient’s chest to mark the locations of the dice. Click on each square to make your incisions and try to find three matching dice, which wins a prize.

Just like in a real operating theatre, time is of the essence in Slice & Dice. The faster you can find three matching dice, the higher your prize will be. Black Pudding Games call this the Super Selector Feature and it’s a slots gaming innovation that really adds an extra layer of tension and excitement to the game as the win multipliers drop with each additional click.


All of Slice & Dice’s symbols are traditional coloured dice, lodged into the abdomen of the unfortunate patient. The game doesn’t say exactly how the dice got in there, but then some questions are probably best left unanswered. The red dice are the most valuable to find, paying out up to an impressive 1000x your stake if you can find all three in just three clicks. The next most valuable dice are the orange dice, followed by the yellow, the green, and the blue. The purple dice offer this online scratchcard’s lowest payouts, but even these can pay up to 25x your stake if they’re all revealed in three clicks. In an interesting twist, the numbers on the dice are randomised each round, so, although the red dice symbol will always be the highest paying, it could be showing any number from one to six.


Slice & Dice has the Super Selector Feature, which adds some extra interest and excitement to the scratchcard game-play.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Super Selector Feature

Complete your win in fewer clicks to earn a higher payout. The amount won decreases incrementally with every extra click taken.

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