The Foxin Wins slot is a purrrfect fit as NextGen Gaming are renowned for taking wild animals and bringing them into your living rooms. Or your bedrooms. It depends where you like to play your online slots. Not only is the fox in the title wild and rich, but he wants to share his wealth around. Well, when in Rome…


So the tables have turned for this little Fox, who lives a happy lifestyle in a country mansion, not hounded or hunted by anyone. His lavish manor house provides the sumptuous backdrop for our five reels, while the 25 pay-lines pay across symbols from this wealthy fox’s lavish lifestyle – rolls of notes, his foxy missus hanging out of a Rolls (see what I did there?)

Like pups of all kinds, human or animal, our fox’s pups are Wild and they turn symbols Wild seemingly willy nilly. NextGen’s Super Bet feature lets us throw in as many fox pups as we like into the mix – the more pups there are the more Wild it gets, as any dad’s out there will testify! Naturally, the more pups there are the more it’ll cost you, but just like in life the rewards are much greater too.


With the Foxin Wins slot game, as though having Wild pups bouncing around everywhere and multiplying winnings until the foxes come home isn’t enough, the Scatter symbols are the huge pots of gold (helpfully labelled, “Scatter”). By the size of these pots of gold this fox must have been trading hunting rifles on the markets or something, but then we already knew that from his house, didn’t we? Land three or more Scatters to trigger the Free Games feature – 10 free games with all prizes doubled. You thought you’ve seen Wild fox pups? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

And on top of this animal mad house NextGen have included some random bonuses. The Fox Funds feature sees Mr. Fox being fantastic with his cash and topping up our winnings, while the seriously random Leprechaun Shake Down feature sees our fox chase a leprechaun down and shake out his pockets for extra dough for us. Ah, so that’s how he got his mansion!


Foxin Wins sure is one random animal house. But as long as these pups are turning things so wild even John Belushi would draw the line let’s face it, we’re not complaining. Throw in a generous host and a random leprechaun and we are cooking on Aga, what, what!