We’re not exactly sure where to begin with Microgaming’s Poke the Guy game. You can’t really label it as a slot. It’s a game with no reels, no paylines and no spinning. It’s more of an arcade game or Casual games , something which gaming developers seem to be focusing on more and more. But while these arcade type games are often skill-based and offer some semblance of a story or mission…the aim of the game on Poke the Guy is…well…it’s to poke the guy.


With a name like Poke the Guy, it’s easy to think that this game would involve jabbing a mobile screen with our finger until we’ve fully poked the guy as much as he can be poked. That’s not quite the case. Although our aim is to poke the guy, we’re to do it with a variety of tools. On screen we see a map with famous landmarks, such as the Sphinx and Eiffel Tower and a weird looking guy in a yellow tracksuit. Yup, that’s the guy we’re after. Yellow jumpsuit, chest hair sticking out, basically the kind of person you’d usually try to avoid. Good job that on this game we’re aiming for his demise.

At the bottom of the screen is a slingshot. We move it left or right to switch weapon and aim for the guy. We then fire off a weapon that catapults to the guy and hopefully decapitates him, eats him, or basically pokes the heck out of him! The weapons range from Ice Creams to Knives to Rubber Ducks and Bushes. An odd combination. But then again, this game is so unique, why shouldn’t we be trying to poke a guy with an ice cream as he’s dancing next to the Statue of Liberty? To adjust our bet, we simply select a different weapon, with the more menacing weapon being a higher bet. And, if the shooting action is too slow, there are in-game options to speed it up, too.


We’ve already established that Poke the Guy isn’t really a slot, but instead a rather silly casual game. While it doesn’t come with the traditional slot bonuses such as free spins, Wilds or bonus rounds. The game really is a simple one, we aim at the guy and try to shoot him. The downside to the aiming is that this is automatic and where the RTP mechanisms come into play, so it’s not a skill-based game. We just have to hope that our Ice Creams and Knives are going to deliver some serious pokage. We can get bigger payouts delivered at random, such as Multipliers from x2 our bet up to x500, so for an instant win arcade game, it pays out reasonably well.


Poke the Guy is one of the most unique Microgaming games we’ve played. Ever. Although we don’t get to use our skills and aim for the odd-looking yellow guy, it is still fun watching the different animations, gyrating fella and various weapons being fired across the screen. It’s essentially an instant win game with a twist. But with the chance to win up to £15,000, that’s a pretty good twist.