With the Flux slot game, if you are a sci-fi fan images will immediately pop and fizz in your head the instant the word “Flux” is mentioned. Most probably something to do with Patrick Stewart or Doc Emmett Brown, hopefully in a complete state of dress. Thunderkick have taken those fantasies and forged them into a Slot game beyond games. Thunderkick ho!


Oddly enough for a Thunderkick title there is no funky intro – so if you’re imagining some sort of graphically juicy launch into hyperspace you will be disappointed only until you hit the game itself.

For any seasoned Thunderkick players this slot has a little of the Fruit Warps about it, but with much more simplicity and structure. The five reels float in deep space to an outstanding soundtrack that evokes great sci-fi flicks like Tron and Blade Runner. There is no dystopia to be found here, though. Our jewel symbols spin and gleam in our base game that see us win across 15 paylines, with the golden Wild “W” symbols flashing past like comets until they land and transform our winnings with a spaced-out multiplier.


If the golden Wild symbols flash past like comets the silver “B” Bonus symbols flit through like spacecraft. Landing three or more of these Cosmic Girls will send you in to hyperspace in the shape of a bonus round with three variants when you land three, four or five silver Bs. And that’s no BS. You have the option of 16, 32 and 48 free spins that win both ways, an extra three rows on top of your current three and 12, 24 or 36 free spins, or 8, 16 or 24 free spins that win both ways and have three extra rows.

The extra rows option is worth choosing just to see it – a towering launchpad of symbols that stretches back into the expanse of space. It is as visually amazing as it is monetarily beneficial, and as is the norm in star fleet the more Bs we land the more gold we take home. Strange new worlds and all that.


This game seems akin to a trip that Schwarzenegger’s famous Recall might offer, but we skip the bloody violence and land straight on the happy ending. Oops – we’re back to Patrick Stewart and Emmet Brown again. Let’s just say that if I were stuck on a deep space flight with only this game as company I would be a happy bunny on a space hopper.

Flux Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 15 5 10 100 N/A N/A 96.2% 1,000 2014