To be fair, and I’m pretty sure that I speak for all true and dedicated Online slots fans when I say this, we don’t care quite how or where our online slot fortune is made, as long as it can be converted into the currency of our choice. If we can enjoy the cultures of the world from the comfort of our own favourite online gaming portal then all the better, so well done Microgaming for broadening our horizons.


The culture of the Far East is one of enigmatic mystery, reflected particularly brilliantly here by Microgaming’s atmospheric sound design. A simple mandolin plucks its way as we spin the five reels in search of Zen and the game’s five paylines (okay, mostly the paylines – the Zen will come afterwards). “But five paylines!” I hear you cry as you karate kick an evil sensei in the chops. Yes, five paylines, gamer-san. You must reach within yourself and become simple (not that I’m saying you’re not simple – some of you most certainly will be). But to compete with the best you must first learn the basics, grasshopper.

The symbols and artwork are as classic as the gameplay. Bright Koi swim in a pool of lotuses, a Green Dragon bares his teeth, a Golden Dragon with curly hair composes himself, a Geisha flutters her eyelashes demurely. Even the 10s through Kings have been given an oriental makeover to complete the classic styling.


Our curly-haired Golden Dragon is Oriental Fortune’s top-paying symbol, lobbing us a spicy 3,000 coins when we land five of them across the five reels. This centred payout is only topped by the Oriental Fortune Game Logo Scatter, five of which will gazump the curly-haired Dragon to the tune of a lip-licking 5,000 coins. However, these Game Logos don’t launch any bonus feature, which is perhaps this game’s only disappointment. Even then, it is a disappointment mitigated by the game’s readily appearing Wild Geisha, who not only substitutes for all other symbols but also confirms our suspicions as to just how Wild Geisha’s really are.


Without a dedicated bonus feature and with only five paylines to play, this slot is unlikely to be the one on which we will spend all our bankroll. However, Oriental Fortune is worth playing for the soundtrack alone – an atmospheric masterstroke that could have found its way to the silver screen. I defy any gamer not to bow gracefully when they take on this contest.

Oriental Fortune Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 5x2 5 0.25 25 N/A N/A 96.12% 25,000 2011