This Online slot game’s title is only one letter off from being very rude indeed, but it is about pirates so I suppose it’s fitting. In fact, the nearly rude title is kind of in keeping with the odd mix of humour and hints of sinisterness that runs throughout the game-play. Still, there are nine pay-lines on offer across these five reels so we might as well make the most of it in our quest for bounty. That’s the cash, not the popular coconut-filled chocolate bar.


The first thing that grabs us as we enter this game is that strange blend of humour and darkness. The symbols range from a full red-bearded pirate and a skulking soul carrying a chest of unknown riches to a bunch of grapes and a half-peeled banana. At least it isn’t a half-eaten one, or one on the way out. Winning pay-lines are accompanied by comedy sounds, such as humorous boings and sea ditties chaperoned by a scraping of swords.

The Game Logo is Wild, but completes only food wins – the banana, grapes, coconut, orange, apple and, naturally, flagon of ale (shouldn’t that be rum?). The Wild symbol also triples all wins, making it far less vital for us to find the buried treasure and instead we can all stay on the boat and get sloshed.


On top of our base game tripled Wild wins we can also look forward to some Scatter action when we land two or more Scattered Skulls. The Skull is a bit green so probably could do with a clean, but he is sitting atop a pile of gold coins so I, for one, am prepared to forgive him.

The game’s main bonus feature is the Booty Bonus, but it’s not a midnight booty call to a buxom pirate wench. Land three or more Bonus Symbols – the skulking blue treasure stealer from earlier – and we shall be treated to throwing one shipmate off the ship that we suspect of getting their hands on our booty. Aha! The Skull Duggery of the game’s title is revealed! I’m obviously misunderstanding the word “booty”, because apparently this is a bad thing. However, the upshot is that whichever mutineer we throw off we discover just how much booty they’ve half-inched and reclaim it a s a prize. Sadly we can’t throw the whole poxy lot of ’em off and fill our pockets, though I suppose we do need someone to sail the ship.


Why are pirate games the best online slots? Because they arrrgh! Sorry, had to get that one in. But really this game has it all – a devious title and kooky gameplay mixed up with a fun bonus feature and booty aplenty. Sometimes the simple ones are the best, matey!

Skull Duggery Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
9 5 0.01 10 1 10 95.8% 12,000 2009