More symbols fall into place, meaning we can score ongoing wins. We can play as any of the characters in the classic Street Fighter II video game, and each character has his or her own Wild Combo features. When we launch the Free Spins feature we have the chance to defeat the villains, including the evil M. Bison!

How to Play

To kickstart the game we must choose a fighter. All the characters from Street Fighter II are available, with the game selecting another character for our character to fight. To play online slots you need to set your bet level and players will be relieved that there are no fiddly bet controls like coin and bet level. Simply select your bet amount and hit the big spin button. Game symbols fall into the game grid, making clusters.

Symbols arranged in a cluster of four or more score wins, and each win you score causes the fighters to punch and kick each other as they wage each battle. Every punch and kick causes damage to the opponent, reducing their energy bar just as it would in the real game. When one energy bar is reduced fully, that character suffers a Knock Out which triggers the relevant bonus game.


The low paying symbols are Jacks through Aces, but it is the high-paying Victory or Defeat symbols that will bring the big wins. Wins scored with your Victory or Defeat symbols cause damage to the opponent, while wins you score with your opponent’s Victory or Defeat symbols causes damage to your character. Each win with Victory or Defeat symbols destroys those symbols, leaving Wild symbols in their place.

These Wild symbols fill up your character’s Wild Gauge. You need seven Wild symbols to fill the gauge, meaning that winning clusters of seven or more top it up. When the gauge is full you trigger your character’s unique Wild Combo feature to send various Wilds onto the reels for bonus wins.


In the Streetfighter II slot you take aim for three separate bonus features. Similar to Robin Hood: Shifting Riches slot, we launch the main bonus features when we decrease either fighters’ energy bars. There is also the Wild Gauge feature to boost your in-game wins.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Wild Gauge

Each win you land using either your or your opponents’ Victory or Defeat symbols adds Wild symbols to the Wild Gauge. Fill the Wild Gauge with seven or more Wild symbols to trigger each character’s Wild Combo feature. The Wild Gauge resets before each spin.

Beat The Boss Free Spins

Defeat your opponent by KO to launch the Beat The Boss Free Spins feature. The feature has four levels, in which you fight Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. Each level has a win multiplier – x2, x3, x5 and x10. If you defeat M. Bison you will also score a bonus worth x100 your bet.

Car Smash Bonus Game

If you are defeated in your battle you have the consolation of the Car Smash Bonus Game. Just like in the Street Fighter II video game the slot version sees you take control of your character and punch and kick the car until it is smashed. Each piece of damage you cause to the car earns coin wins, with a bonus x5 – x15 your bet payout if you destroy it.

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