This Stormcraft Studios-developed slot, which was released by Microgaming, is the third in the Thunderstruck series – and might be the most impressive yet.

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Featuring the might of Thor and his hammer, this game boasts stunning imagery, dramatic sounds and high volatility to keep you entertained.

What’s more, Thunderstruck – Wild Lightning allows you to win up to 15,000 times your stake!

How to Play Thunderstruck Wild Lightning

Playing Thunderstruck – Wild Lightning isn’t too different from most other slot games. All you have to do is click on the circle with two revolving arrows, which will spin each of the reels once you’ve placed your stake.

In terms of layout, the game is straightforward; you’ll see four rows and five reels. To win on any given spin, you’ll need to match anywhere between three and five symbols starting from the left of your screen.

If you’ve already had a sneak peek at Thunderstruck – Wild Lightning, you might have noticed that the reels can sometimes light up in bright balls with numbers.

This is the Link&Win feature, and each ball has its own cash value that is clearly marked. To activate Link&Wiin, you’ll need to get six of the same symbol on any reel.

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning Symbols

Thunderstruck – Wild Lightning uses symbols based on Old Norse mythology.

The highest-paying regular symbol is the orange world stone, which will trigger a win of 1.5, 5, or 25 times your stake – depending on whether you match three, four, or five in a row.

The yellow world stone pays 1, 3, or 15 times your stake, while the blue world stone triggers 0.9, 2 or 6 times the amount.

Purple is the lowest-paying world stone, paying out 0.8, 2, or 5 times your stake.

Besides the world stones, you’ll also find several rune symbols. Each of these pays less, with K and A paying 0.5, 1, or 3 times your stake. Q and J pay 0.3x, 0.8x, or 2.5x, while 9 and 10 pay 0.2x, 0.6x, or 2x.

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning Bonuses

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Spins

You’ll have the opportunity to play in five different types of free spins: Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Nidavellir, and Svartalfheim. These are unlocked when you get three to five hammer Scatter symbols on one spin.

The first offers 15 free spins and a potential win of 2,000 times your stake; the latter gives you one free spin and a maximum win of 8,000x.

Thunderball Jackpots

On Link&Win, you’ll see turquoise, green, and yellow thunderballs that will trigger thunderball jackpots.

  • The mega win jackpot will pay 15,000x; you need to fill every reel to trigger this.
  • Major is 150x, while minor is 50x, and the mini jackpot pays out 25x your stake.

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