The Final ICEdown

In our best Big Brother voice, we say “The Ice has finally melted”. Cue the music. Cue the graphics. Cue the hysteric crowds. Now we can get stuck into all the great details on how the epic exhibition finished off.

Slots, Slots And More Slots

When it comes to online gaming, we know that slots reign supreme. Obviously, the classic table games are always enjoyable but, let’s face it, we love slots. And so do the gaming studios out there. Which makes events like ICE give us an ice cool start to the year as the studios reveal brand news slots in style. And we mean style – light shows, DJs, dancers, costumes – all the stops have firmly been pulled out.

Microgaming, who has been teaming up with every independent studio it can get its mitts on, have been showcasing a whole load of new slots this year. And on the last day, it put on yet another dance performance as it introduced Banana Odyssey, exclusively developed by Slingshot Studios, the slots studio that brought us Cash of Kingdoms from its Microgaming partnership. Meanwhile, NetEnt’s CEO Therese Hillman was on hand to talk about the company’s focus going forward and we got to see the new brands it will be working with, including our favourite, Ozzy Osbourne!

Three Days Of Awesomeness

The ICE exhibition only lasts three days but boy did it pack in a lot in those three days! We’ve been to some serious discussions, such as Inclusion and Diversity in the iGaming industry. We’ve heard loads of new pitches. And we’ve seen tonnes of epic new slots which we can’t wait to be released. It’s going to be one heck of a year ahead.