Beehives may look like bedlam, but in fact they are some of the most ordered environments in the natural world. Think about it. It takes a lot of delegation to get all those different bees to do their jobs and function for the good of the hive. The only delegation that NYX-affiliate Core Gaming has needed to order out to achieve this hugely playable seven reel, reactive cluster pay-lines online Scratchcards slot is to let its creative team run wild. The end result is bonus bedlam, but in a good way.


It’s unclear whether Core Gaming came up with the name, “Bedlam” before or after the soundtrack was created. It’s very much a chicken and egg scenario. Of course, you can turn the sound off, but you will be missing out on some serious bedlam if you do.

The reel mechanism is set out like a beehive, with each of the seven reels decorated with honeycomb hexagonal symbols seven rows deep.  Our game symbols are vibrant Flowers of various colours, Buzz the bee and a Beekeeper, while the Boss Man and Queen Bee symbol enter the game in the Free Falls bonus feature. We need clusters of five or more symbols in any way, shape or form across the reels to form winners, popping and disappearing and leaving space for more symbols to fall and more reactions to take place. As we go through the game we unlock achievements. These bees have 10 islands to pollinate in order for us to collect a whopping great prize.


Landing the Beekeeper symbol not only delivers winning reactions, but also adds honey to the honey jar situated to the left of the reels. Top it up and we launch the Honey Jar Bonus, during which we become the bee. Flying across the screen, we must avoid obstacles and collect coins to take back to the hive as bonus winnings. Completing the Honey Jar Bonus also moves us a step on the road towards ticking off the 10 islands of the game and earning that prize payout.

Meanwhile, we have the Free Falls game to which we can look forward during the base game. Collecting three or more connecting Free Falls symbols triggers the feature, in which the higher-paying Boss Man and Queen Bee symbols now become active. We can also land additional spins to keep this bonus game buzzing along. And then, for the big finale, bees fly across the screen to reveal Jackpot letters. If we spell the full word, we win the progressive jackpot. Epic.


In its Beehive Bedlam online slot, Core Gaming has created a game that is as creative as it is chaotic. The achievements system and level-based game-play give us plenty to work towards, with the Honey Jar Bonus a sweet treat to aim for. If you’re after a major payout you’ll have to put the legwork in, but there’s plenty of smaller wins to keep the game-play ticking over.

Beehive Bedlam Reactors Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank N/A 7 0.1 500 N/A N/A 94.37% 250000 2015