"The Hand of Anubis is one of the most popular games in the Hacksaw Gaming roster. Does it live up to the hype?"

Egyptian-themed games are two a penny in the casinos of Las Vegas; normally featuring Mark Antony’s holiday fling: asp-aware, milk bath aficionado, Cleopatra. It’s refreshing to see the non-league God of the Dead finally getting a shout out. This five-reel online slot is the work of ‘disruptive’ gaming developers Hacksaw Gaming. Founded in 2018, the company has a ‘mobile-first’ approach and a portfolio overflowing with creative, cool, creepy, dark, and funny titles.

The Hand of Anubis is one of the most popular games in the Hacksaw Gaming roster. Does it live up to the hype? Is death’s bite worse than its bark? Let’s get the bandages out, mummy up, and take this otherworldly deity for a spin on the dark side.

Hand of Anubis Look and Feel

Dark… oh… it’s so dark… If the Cradle of Filth and Radiohead got together and created an online slot, this is what their hordes of patchouli-scented, leather-clad, fans would expect. The loading screen kicks in with some graphic novel style fonts, setting out the online slot’s various features. As you click to continue, the guitarist kicks in with a single, repeating, menacing, note. On screen are two Anubises (Anubii? Anubum?) standing either side of a 5 x 6 grid, lurking in the murk, and gently swaying in the background. One has red eyes, the other blue. You will soon discover why.

Hand of Anubis Slot
Hand of Anubis Slot

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As you play, the occasional guttural moan emerges and some Satanic sounding dialogue. Play it backwards and discover how to win the jackpot. Then the music finally switches up a gear, with a quasi-Middle Eastern theme.

It’s great but… maybe a little dark. It is… dark.

How to Play Hand of Anubis Slot

The Hand of Anubis is a cascading, collapsing, avalanche of a game, with cluster wins. The symbols drop into the five vertical reels. To win you need to connect at least five adjacent matching icons. When you get a winner, the symbols fall away and are replaced. There is no limit to the amount of wins you can enjoy from a single play. There are no paylines on the Hand of Anubis because it is a cluster game. The only adjustment you can make, on the main game screen, is the total you want to bet. This ranges from £0.10 to £100 a play. All prizes are multipliers relative to the stake.

There is an auto play feature that allows you to adjust the number of rounds, as well as loss and win limits. The test version still had a turbo play for quick action. However, these are generally being phased out due to compliance issues. The Hand of Anubis has two bonus rounds, as well as a pair of Soul Orbs that feature in the base game. More on these below.

Hand of Anubis Slot Symbols

Some great work has gone into the iconography on this game. The lower value symbols are black and white rune markings. These all have the same value. Next up, is a selection of classic Egyptian symbols, including the Eye of Horus, scarab beetle, and a pyramid. The most valuable symbol in the base game is the ankh; the symbol most associated with Anubis and eternal life. Connect 11 of these and you win £60 on a £1.00 stake.

Hand of Anubis Symbols
Hand of Anubis Symbols

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Two other key symbols to watch out for, in the base game, are the aforementioned Soul Orbs. These come is red and blue, matching the eyes of the jackal-headed Anubis standing nearby. The Soul Orbs are wild and add multipliers to any winning clusters.

The scatter symbol is a scary take on Tutankhamun – a skull set in a golden headdress. Three of these activate the Underworld bonus game. Hit four and you are on the highway to hell, with the Judgement bonus game. In both bonus games, new symbols appear, including more skulls, jackal skulls, and red and blue Crusher blocks. No one said hitting the online slots was easy.

Hand of Anubis – Our Summary

The Hand of Anubis is beautifully constructed game, that comes with a dark side. The music is pretty cool, the visuals: dark. Game play is quick and the mood is genuinely slightly scary. Our advice: play with a friend. The bonus rounds were very rewarding, but a little over engineered and a tad confusing. Is it worth taking a trip to the underworld and shaking the hand of Anubis? Why not – you only live once… Oh… and did we mention: it’s dark.

Hand of Anubis Bonus Rounds

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation

Top band and the bonus ain’t bad either. If you hit three scary skulls, anywhere on the 5 x 6 grid, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready for a ride to the Underworld.

This is how it works.

You begin with 10 free spins. Every time you get a cluster, multipliers appear at the base of the reel – relative to the combination of symbols. These multipliers are inactive – until a green Soul Orb hits the reel. From that point on, every win is multiplied.

You also get extra spins with the green Soul Orb. The multipliers can add up dramatically – resulting in some big wins. In our test game, the multiplier was 49x. That £5.00 win is looking brighter, transformed to £245.


Hit four skulls and its judgment time. In this bonus level, the game changes completely; a fresh batch of icons comes in and you get three spins. As long as you hit something on each spin, the game continues.

To be honest: it’s pretty confusing and we played it – a lot. Basically, multipliers accumulate and gets boosts with certain icons. After three blank rounds, your original stake gets multiplied. The big win graphics are awesome, with Anubis rising gradually from the dead.

Hand Of Anubis Slot FAQs

The Hand of Anubis slot game was developed by Hacksaw Gaming, a company known for its creative and innovative game titles.

Hand of Anubis is a cascading, collapsing slot game with cluster wins. The symbols drop into five vertical reels, and players need to connect at least five adjacent matching icons to win.

There’s plenty! From classics like IGT’s Cleopatra, to modern favourites like 1×2 Gaming’s Battle Maiden: Cleopatra, there’s something for everyone looking for their hit of sphinx-based slot fun.

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