The Hong Kong Tower slot gives players a refreshing take on an iconic city, with one of the most famous skylines on the planet. The developer references the world record breaking Kowloon Waterfront light show as an inspiration for the game. Whatever the spin, there is no denying that Hong Kong Tower is a great looking game, with a healthy Return to Player of 96.3%. It’s also a game that feels a little different. Elk Studios is bringing some refreshing spin to a crowded space – and it’s very welcome.

Hong Kong Tower Slot Look and Feel

Hong Kong Tower Slot - Look & Feel
Hong Kong Tower Slot – Look & Feel

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The splash screen opens with a sweeping view of Kowloon Harbour and a trio of skyscrapers, with illuminated wheels on the top. It looks slick and modern. Not unlike the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard. We kept expecting Bruce Willis to throw a body from a top floor window.

The five reels are projected on the side of the skyscraper, in a classic 5 x 3 grid. The graphics are refreshingly different and beautifully detailed; lotus flowers, Yin and Yang, oriental symbolism, and bonsai trees all feature.

The audio is on point. When you are not spinning the reels, you just hear the sound of urban traffic. During play, the Hong Kong Tower online slot plays the iconic drone of the modern digital slot; the background noise and soundtrack of any Las Vegas casino.

If you hit a bonus icon, the audio goes into high excitement mode, with a perfectly weighted crescendo. It’s confident, effective, and it works. Albeit, nothing about this game is really that extraordinary or unusual. It just does ‘simple’ very well. The night scene, the sound, the skyscraper and the graphics are perfectly weighted for mobile use. At home, on the desktop, it is a little less interesting.

How To Play Hong Kong Tower Slot

Hong Kong Tower is a five-reel game with 99 paylines. To win, you need a minimum of three identical symbols on adjacent reels. The game is structured and designed for mobile play. The main page has only four links: spin, auto spin, bet amount, and a menu tree. The latter links to all the relevant information about the game. When you make a bet, you wager all 99 paylines. The bet value ranges from £0.20 to £100 per spin. You can choose to spin manually or activate the auto spin. This gives you up to 100 unattended plays.

The menu tree opens up a settings link. Here you can opt to quick play or mute both game sounds, and music. There is also an option to show your bets in either coins or currency. On the same menu are links for both the rules and the pay table. Normally combined, they are separated for simplicity and to make life easier on your mobile.

The Hong Kong Tower slot comes with both a bonus round and a mystery symbol. The bonus round has no free games and the mystery symbol is a ‘semi’ wild – an ‘almost’ wild. But more on these two below.

Hong Kong Tower Slot Symbols

Hong Kong Tower Slot - Symbols
Hong Kong Tower Slot – Symbols

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"From the razor sharp design to the vivid colours, there is so much visually about this game to enjoy."

Hong Kong Tower comes with some beautifully designed symbols and icons, that perfectly capture a retro-techno Chinese vibe. Instead of generic fruit or playing card rankings, we have bright, neon, symbols that will really pop on a mobile phone.

Next up, we have a highly detailed bonsai tree. Five of these on adjacent reels doubles your money. Up next is a pink lotus flower; a quintet earns you 5x your total wager. The penultimate symbol is the white diamond – five of these beauties is worth 10x your bet.

In prime position is a classic 7. Even though they are creating something visually different, with the Hong Kong Tower slot, the developers couldn’t resist using one of the most iconic symbols in online casino gaming. Get five and you get 15x your stake back. Happy days. The Hong Kong Tower symbol is the Mystery Symbol. This is a quasi-wild, morphing into a different symbol, when the mood takes it. Sometimes, you will get a win – sometimes you won’t. If it changes into the Bonus Game icon, you get a set of five and two extra games.

The Bonus Symbol is the classic yin yang. Three of these triggers the bonus game. More on this below. But first, our overall verdict:

Our Verdict

The Hong Kong Tower online slot is a elegant game, with a good RTP, that evokes this exciting city rather well. The background audio, and the opening splash screen of the Hong Kong skyline, overlooking Kowloon Bay, are well engineered. This is a quality game, from an exciting developer that has a style of its own. The real takeaway from this game, for us, was an interest in looking at their other output. You can see why this Swedish development house got snapped up.

It’s a basic game, with two cool twists: the moody wild and a sky-high bonus round. Will the wild flip in your favour? Can you make it to the second tower? Is the third within reach. Will the Mystery Symbol flip to the bonus and begin your journey to the jackpot?

We don’t know! But you can find out, by giving this good looking a game a test run. Have fun, may all your yin and yang be balanced, and enjoy the view from the top of the tower.


Hong Kong Tower Slot - Bonuses
Hong Kong Tower Slot – Bonuses

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The Hong Kong Tower slot comes with a bonus that takes you to the top. For once, it is not free games.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Wheels of the Sky

There are three skyscrapers featured in the Hong Kong Tower. On the top of each is a giant wheel, packed with bonus cash, as well as the chance to ascend into more lofty and profitable realms. Hit three or more scatter icons and you start your journey to tower one. If you land four scatters you get a bonus life; five scatters gets you two extra lives.

The reel spins and stops. You collect the cash reward and the reel spins again. You lose a life when you hit an empty section. If you clear all the sections, you proceed to the next skyscraper – with much bigger rewards. You can also proceed if you hit the level up arrow.

If you get really lucky, you can make it to the final skyscraper, where the Hong King Tower jackpot of 301,650 coins is up for grabs. Don’t forget: if you hit a section that you have already emptied, you lose a life. Good luck.

Hong Kong Tower Slot FAQs

Yes, it is possible to play this for free. Before you commit to the game, you can play the Hong Kong Tower slot demo and see for yourself what the game is about without the need to spend any money.

The main bonus feature on the Hong Kong Tower slot is the Wheels of the Sky bonus which gives you access to a wheel of fortune type of game.

The RTP is 96.3%

Yes, there are other Asia-themed games such as Asian beauty and Koi Princess, enabling you to experience a true Asian slot.

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