In the Shaman’s Dream, the wolves take on critical supporting roles. They feature as both the game’s wild symbol and, if you are lucky enough to hit a pack of five, its jackpot. They also do a whole lot of howling throughout the game. Wolves, eh? What would the world of online slots do without them?

Shaman’s Dream is the work of online casino software developers Eyecon. The business started out as a video game developer, with operations in both Australia and the Channel Islands. Its most popular online slots are Fluffy Favourites, Stampede, and Fiddle Dee Dough. Shaman’s Dream is a beautifully illustrated slot, with a bizarre hybrid soundtrack that misses the mark. If you are sitting comfortably, pass the peace pipe, and let’s inhale deeply. It’s time to start our journey in the mystical dreams of the mighty shaman.

Shamans Dream Slot Look and Feel

Shaman's Dream Slot
Shaman’s Dream Slot

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This is an online slot of two halves. Visually, the artwork is on point. It looks like something you might see in a children’s encyclopaedia: detailed illustrations of Native American tools, icons, and objects. Shaman’s Dream is a simple five-reel, three-row, online slot. Framed in wood, the reels sit in front of a mid-Western desert scene at twilight. Hiawatha would feel at home.

That’s the good news. Where Shaman’s Dream seems a little lost is with its audio. There is no soundtrack, just audio FX. When you hit either a wild wolf or a scatter spell catcher, you hear the thump of a bass.

If you win, or get close, you are rewarded with a cheesy analogue flourish from an old school fruit machine. It’s all a little incongruous. All that work on the visuals, and then someone just grabbed the first sound effect from the shelf of forgotten slots FX.

To be fair: the Indian drums do finally kick-in, complete with wolf howls, when you land a wild or a win. But, even these two sound effects are clumsy together.

At the end of the day, the audio is defintely not a deal breaker. However, when you review as many online slots as we do here at CasinoKings, you do wonder why certain decisions are made. Our theories: the sound guy was on holiday or the budget was blown on the artist.

How To Play Shamans Dream Slot

"Without doubt, the strongest feature of this online slot is its icon design. Some real care and detail have gone into the Shaman’s Dream artwork."

The Shaman’s Dream online slot comes with up to 25 paylines. You can choose how many to play on each spin. The bet value is for a single line. A 10p bet per line will cost you £2.50, if you play all 25 paylines. If you are on a tight budget, you can just spin one line, at a time, for just £0.01 a go. That’s 100 spins, on the Shaman’s Dream, for just one pound! In truth, you are more likely to play all 25 paylines. The maximum bet is 50p a line, multiply that by 25, and a single spin will cost you £12.50.

On the main screen, you have options to adjust both the number of paylines, as well as the bet value per line. The demo also comes with an autoplay option. Don’t expect to see this everywhere. You can also find links to enable left-hand play, mute (use it), and the rules.

Shaman’s Dream comes with a Free Games bonus round. If you hit the Dreamcatcher scatter three or more times, you unlock the feature. All prizes are tripled. More on this in the Bonuses section below.

Shamans Dream Slot Symbols

Shamans Dream Slot Symbols
Shamans Dream Slot Symbols

Without doubt, the strongest feature of this online slot is its icon design. Some real care and detail have gone into the Shaman’s Dream artwork. There are no generic base icons. Every icon is based on the game’s theme.

Low value symbols are a totem pole, axes, a bear, and a necklace. Next up, we have a teepee, peace pipe, golden eagle, and a white bison. Finally, we reach the high value icons, represented by three Native Americans and the jackpot icon: the wolf (of course). A pack of five wolves, on a winning payline, is worth 9,500x your line bet.

The wolf is also the online slot’s wild icon. Although Eyecon call a wild a ‘substitute’. Kinda funny, when you consider a wolf is wild. Whatever… any win with a ‘substitute’ pays outs double. Something to howl home about. The final symbol of note is the Dreamcatcher. Two or more of these and you enjoy a scatter win, multiplied by the total wager. If you hit three, you activate the Free Games. More on this below.

Shaman’s Dream – In Summary

The Shaman’s Dream online slot is like that beautiful man or woman you meet on a night out. You make eye contact. You share a smile. The mood is good. She/He is interested. You wander over to make a little small talk and she/he has a Brummie accent, so broad, it makes Ozzy Osbourne sound like Noel Coward.

It looks fab but the audio is a let-down. Our advice: hit the mute button and take some time out with the Shaman. The sound might be second-rate, but the game play is good and the RTP is a very reasonable 95.436%.

If you love the online slots, enjoy the garbled nonsense of your typical shaman, and are looking for your spirit creature, hang out with this mystical Native American and discover it for yourself. You can almost guarantee it’s a wolf. We will see you tundra-side –  on the Great Plains.

Shamans Dream Slot Bonuses

The main event in the Shaman’s Dream online slot is the Free Games feature.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Games Feature

You have to dream big, to win big. In this case, you need to hit the Dreamcatcher symbol at least three times, to activate the Free Games. The scatter symbols can appear anywhere. You also bank a win.

You earn 15 free spins and all prizes are tripled. When you win this bonus, there are no bells and whistles. It simply starts spinning the 15 free games and that’s it. It’s handled in a very low-key way. Maybe, they simply don’t want to disturb the sleeping shaman.

If the Dreamcatchers return, and you land three or more scatters, you can retrigger the free spins, up to a maximum of 15 times. A potential bounty of 225 spins. Good luck bagging that scalp.

Shamans Dream Slot FAQs

Yes, it is possible to play Shamans Dream slot for free. You can take advantage of the Shaman’s Dream slot demo, where you can try the game for free.

There is just the one bonus feature available with this slot and that bonus comes in the form of free spins.

The RTP for the Shamans Dream slot is 95.44%. This makes it a medium volatility game which offers a good range of wins.

Yes, there are other games that you can try out at Casino Kings that are Native American-themed One option that you have is Turning Totems; there is also the sequel to Shaman’s Dream, Shamans Dream 2, as well as the Shamans Dream Jackpot Slot.

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