There is good news. It might be a tired old trope, alongside online slot evergreens wolves and Egyptians, but 9 Pots of Gold is the absolute craic; five reels of gorgeous Gaelic gameplay, some great visuals. It’s an online slot worth taking out for a spin.

9 Pots of Gold is the work of game developers Gameburger Studios; a fledgling operation that secured a distribution deal with Microgaming in 2019. There are only a handful of games in the Gameburger Studios portfolio but, just like a quarter pounder with fries, its online slots are hitting the spot.

The Pots of Gold franchise accounts for five of the 18 games in the Gameburger Studios roster. It sounds like the pot is hitting the spot. Ready to discover why? Eyes down. Get set. Spin.

9 Pots of Gold Look and Feel

9 Pots Of Gold - Look and Feel
9 Pots Of Gold – Look and Feel

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Green. It’s green, Jim. It’s so very, very, green. 9 Pots of Gold ticks all the Irish boxes. The game opens with a classic 5 x 3 online slot configuration, positioned in front of a dark wallpaper of four-leaf clover. To the side, a 7-tier list of potential, pot-related, prize wins.

We are also joined by the game’s leading man: Lucky Lad Flynn. Redhead Flynn sports green Aviators, a diamond earring, smokes a golden pipe, and lives at the end of the rainbow. He’s the richest lad in the land, having amassed lots of pots of gold and a huge fortune – which he is now eager to share.

When you spin, there is a flash of rainbow. Winning combinations are animated. The theme might be clichéd, but this iteration is on the money. It feels contemporary. it’s fluid and fun to play.

Also positive is the soundtrack. More often than not, online slot music is the aural equivalent of a CIA waterboarding. When the music kicks in for 9 Pots of Gold, it immediately reminds you of the opening bars of I’m Gonna Be by the Proclaimers. It’s pretty cool.

When you hit a bonus or a win, there’s a big shout and the fiddler kicks in; a full-on Irish jig is on the cards. It’s effective at maintaining attention and energy.

How To Play 9 Pots Of Gold Slot

"9 Pots of Gold is fresh game from a young studio, working hard to earn a reputation."

9 Pots of Gold comes with 20 fixed paylines. There is no option to change this. You can, of course, vary the total wager. The minimum is £0.20 – effectively a penny a line. You can increase this to a total bet of £240 a spin: a £12 stake on each of the 20 paylines.

If you want to review the payline configurations, you need to hit the menu icon. You can also alter the spin speed and adjust audio settings here (the sound is good but… even this, after a while…). Hit the info link for detailed information about the game.

The key to this game is in its name. It’s based on a classic old school Las Vegas slot. As well as payline wins, you can also cash-in if you hit enough pots of gold. Land three, to score the minimum pay-out. Hit nine and it’s the jackpot. The amount you can win varies, according to your stake.

If you bet £0.20, nine pots are worth £400. If you bet the maximum of £240, and the proverbial luck of the Irish drops in your lap, you win a trip to the rainbow and back worth a cool £480,000. Time to crack out the Guinness and start that jig.

9 Pots Of Gold Symbols

Cultural appropriation be damned. The 9 Pots of Gold online slot wears its Irish colours with pride. The main symbol in play is a green 7. This comes in three versions: single, double, trio. Line up any combination and you pocket a win. Hit a winning combination, with three identical 7s, and your prospects improve; a winning line of five trio 7s is worth 9,000x your line bet.

9 Pots Of Gold Symbols
9 Pots Of Gold Symbols

Other icons include a lyre harp, four-leaf clover, BAR, and a leprechaun’s hat; in this case, a classic green top hat. Students of Irish folklore will point out that – traditionally – a leprechaun is only seen sporting either a Derby Hat or a Cocket Hat.

There are two more symbols of note: the wild and the scatter. The wild is everyone’s festival favourite and potential mushroom omelette meltdown: the fly-agaric. It substitutes for all symbols, excluding the scatter, and is the game’s regular play jackpot at 30,000x the line bet.

The scatter is simply a Free Spins icon that appears only on reels 2, 3, and 4. Land three of these and you activate the Free Spin Wheel. This determines your free spins and multiplier. More on this in a moment.

Finally, the eponymous Pot of Gold. This animated cauldron of coins is the one to seek out. Three or more of these gets you on the ladder and on your way to the big prize. They can appear anywhere, on any reel. Nine nets you the jackpot.

9 Pots Of Gold – In Summary

9 Pots of Gold is fresh game from a young studio, working hard to earn a reputation. With Microgaming taking care of quality control, it’s an online slot with short, greenish, legs. Of course, you can’t escape the fact that it is treading a tired path of Irish tropes, with rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of gold. But… if it ain’t broke: spin it and stick a rainbow on it.

9 Pots Of Gold Bonuses

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Spins

The key bonus on 9 Pots of Gold is the Free Spin. Simply, hit the Free Spins icon on reels 2, 3, and 4 and you are good to go. The screen cuts away to reveal the Free Spin Wheel. The wheel is divided into wedges, each containing a different combination of free spins and multiplier. The maximum prize is 30 spins with a 3x multiplier.

If you are lucky enough to land three more Free Spin icons during the Free Spin, the identical bonus is retriggered (spins and multiplier).

9 Pots Of Gold FAQs

Why, we do of course! Here at Casino Kings you can find 9 Pots Of Gold alongside a superb array of Irish-themed slots like ‘Irish Eyes 2‘ and ‘Rainbow Cash Pots

The game boasts 20 paylines.

The game has a slightly below-average RTP (return to player) of 92.01%.

You’re kidding right? We’ve got loads. Irish Eyes 1 & 2, Rainbow Cash Pots, Irish Pot Luck, Irish Treasures…..

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