The game originated with Isle of Man-based online gaming behemoths Microgaming. Although, it is now distributed by casino content aggregators Games Global, who acquired Microgaming’s Quickfire portfolio in 2022. (Honestly, the labyrinthine business dealings of online gaming companies put Succession to shame).

Anyway: Mermaids Millions. It is very much a typical Microgaming online slot; it’s crisp, low on frills, fairly basic, and comes with a reasonable RTP (Return To Player) of 96.56%. Like its US-based competitors IGT (another multi-billion-dollar gambling technology company), Microgaming prefers to clone old school Las Vegas slots, rather than innovate. Like professional gamblers, they play it safe.

Mermaids Millions is exactly that; a classic Las Vegas slot, picked up from Fremont Street, buffed and polished, and taken online. Make no mistake: this is not criticism. Mermaids Millions is fun to play. What is hard to get past, however, is the missing apostrophe. Are there several mermaids with million? Or is it just the one? Whatever: someone is an apostrophe light.

Mermaids Millions Look and Feel

Mermaids Millions Slot - Gameplay
Mermaids Millions Slot – Gameplay

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No prizes for guessing the look and feel of the Mermaids Millions online slot. Take a deep breath, slip those ear plugs in, check your regulator, and get ready to dive and go deep. The slot is a basic 5-reel, three row game. The reels are floating, suspended in water. It’s as if you are looking up from the ocean floor. It’s a refreshingly minimal backdrop. It’s just shades of blue.

"Mermaids Millions is exactly that; a classic Las Vegas slot, picked up from Fremont Street, buffed and polished, and taken online."

The audio is also a masterpiece of minimalism. There are no shanties or flutey watery glissandos, no choruses of mermaids or aquatic string sections. Just the gentle burbling sound of the sea. When you spin the reels, you get the classic old school sound FX palette: assorted bells, jangles, and swoops; the sweet sound of the casino slots gaming room. The visual tone of the Mermaids Millions online slot is very cartoon-like. There are plenty of nods to the Little Mermaid, with cool looking seahorses in sunglasses, as well as comedy lobsters, a smirking Poseidon, and a very blond leading mermaid. Think Daryl Hannah in Splash and you’re in the waterpolo ballpark.

All in all: it looks and feels a little old-fashioned. It’s a comfort blanket of an online slot. An old-fashioned trope gets a nostalgic theme. Unlike a mermaid’s reproductive system, it works.

How To Play Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions comes with 15 paylines. You play them all with every spin. All wins pay left to right. Three matching symbols, on a payline, puts you in the money. This is a refreshingly simple online slot, but it also comes with scatters, wilds, a bonus round, and free spins.

The version of the game we sampled came with both autoplay and turbo mode. These features may or may not be activated, depending on where you are playing. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has banned autoplay since 2021, as well as putting a minimum time limit of 2.5 seconds between spins. What you can (definitely) adjust on Mermaids Millions is the value of your stake, from 0.30 to 150.

Although Mermaids Millions feels pretty basic, it comes with both a Treasure Bonus and a Free Spins bonus round. Hit the mermaid scatter symbol, anywhere, at least three times to activate the Free Spins. For the Treasure Bonus, you need to land the Treasure Bonus icon at least three times on an active payline. More on these bonuses below.

The Wild symbol is (we think?) Poseidon (It’s a white-haired, bearded, dude who looks pretty important with shells in his hair). He is also the game’s jackpot worth 500x your stake. The mermaid scatter is also a high value icon, at 400x your wager.

Mermaids Millions Symbols

Mermaids Millions Symbols
Mermaids Millions Symbols

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Did someone say watery cliches? Mermaids Millions packs in a few classic icons. The low value icons are card rankings, 10 to ace. All embellished with pearls, starfish, octopus, and lobsters. Next up, we have a cool seahorse in Ray-Bans.

The final two base game symbols are a giant clam (with protruding pearl) and a pot full of gems. The three remaining icons are the Wild (mystery geezer), Scatter (mermaid), and a brown wooden chest is the key to the Treasure Bonus.

All the game icons have a cartoon-like vibe. Some of these animate, when you hit winning combo or come close.

In Summary

Mermaids Millions is a pure Microgaming magic; an unfussy game, easy to play, functionally simple but – with both a Free Spin bonus and an additional Treasure Bonus round. It’s the online slot equivalent of fish and chips – cooked really well. You’ve seen it before but it’s always pretty good.

Apologies for mentioning fish and chips in the presence of a mermaid; that tail is probably twitching. If you’re looking for an old school online slot, with one of the most soothing audio tracks we have ever encountered, grab your snorkel and dive in.

Mermaids Millions Bonuses

Mermaids Millions Bonuses
Mermaids Millions Bonuses

The Mermaids Millions online slot comes with two major bonuses: Free Spins and Treasure Bonus.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Spins

If you are lucky enough to land the mermaid scatter icon at least three times, you win the Free Spins (you also win a pretty chunky payline bet).

You get 10 free spins, regardless of the number of scatters. All the free spins pay out with a 3x multiplier. Again: this is fixed. There is no cutaway scene or bells and whistles. The free spins just start and that’s it. If you are in autoplay, you would not even know it had taken place.

If you reel in three or more mermaids in the free spins, you get to play again. Happy fishing.


Treasure Bonus

The Treasure Bonus activates when you land at least three Treasure Bonus icons on an active payline, The screen cuts away and you are faced with the ocean’s floor, scattered with chests and clams. You must choose three to open. Each contains a cash bonus.

The bonuses range in value, relative to the amount of Treasure Bonus icons you hit. If you hit five, Davey Jones’ locker will be stuffed with goodies. All you have to do is pick the right trio of treasure chests. Good luck.

Mermaids Millions Slot FAQs

Yes, it is possible to play the demo version of Mermaids Millions which means that you can play for free.

Mermaids Millions has a number of bonus features. This can include ten free spins, landing five wild symbols to win 7500 x your bet and the Treasure bonus.

If you are playing Mermaids Millions then you can expect an RTP of 96.56%.

There are some great prizes to be won when playing Mermaids Millions. However, the maximum payout you can achieve is 7500 x your wager.

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