"The Queen of the Forest is a beautifully designed game; rich with detail, complex audio, and gorgeous visuals."

The Queen of the Forest is a beautifully designed game; rich with detail, complex audio, and gorgeous visuals. It’s the kind of slot you would find Elrond getting stuck into at the Rivendell Casino. The score is Lord of the Rings-lite. It also a rather sexy slot. The eponymous leading lady, the Queen of the Forest, is a stacked wild. She covers three reels but that’s about all that is covered. Definitely one of the hottest elves we’ve seen featured in any online slot – a rare accolade.

This is a game with lots of features: wild nudges, free spins, and a unique bonus round. Spinomenal may well be new players on the pitch but this is a business with ambition – and it shows. Now, what chat-up lines will an elf-y looking forest queen appreciate?

Queen Of The Forest Slot – Look and Feel

Queen Of The Forest Slot - Look & Feel
Queen Of The Forest Slot – Look & Feel

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Green… it’s all very green. The scene is all fireflies, moonlight, and mystery for the Queen of the Forest. The game has five reels, four deep. There are 25 paylines and you play them all, with every spin. The reels are bordered with leaves, moss, and mushrooms; they sit in front of a dark woodland scene. Animated leaves and fireflies complete the bucolic picture.

The music is very high end, with orchestral strings on a repeating loop. The in-game FX are basic mechanical slot sounds. Some of the icons are also poorly designed, compared to the overall quality of the graphics. It’s almost as if the developers ran out of time or budget; simply, chucking in a few generic online slot audio FX and visuals to get the job done.

However, whatever… it doesn’t really detract from the game. There are lots of features and bonuses to enjoy and most of the game’s design is well crafted, cleverly animated, and on point. The bonus game reveals a completely new layout: a 5 x 3 of cut logs that spin to reveal magic mushrooms. More on this in the Bonuses section below. Finally: shout out to the birdsong in this online slot. You realise how convincing it is, when you shut the game down and everything goes quiet!

How To Play Queen Of The Forest Slot

The Queen of the Forest is a basic old school online slot, with 25 paylines, five reels, and a handful of feature and bonus rounds. On the main screen are options for both turbo play and auto play. The turbo play is indicated by a little rabbit. The auto play is open ended. These functions may well be deactivated, depending on compliance regulations in your location.

You can set your line bet, from £0.01 to £10. This is multiplied by 25 to give you your total stake per spin. You have to play all 25 paylines every time.

One feature worth considering is the option to buy the 10 Free Spins bonus round. This comes at quite a price. If you are betting £1.00 per line, your total stake is £25 a spin. To buy the Free Spins would cost you £775. You can set a much lower line bet, if you just want to see what the feature looks like. If you do win the free spins, you are invited to either collect your free spins or gamble for five more. If you lose, you get only five spins. You can gamble up to three times, winning 20, 30, or 50 spins. The maximum is 50.

The star attraction of this online slot – the Queen of the Forest – appears as a stacked wild in both the base game and, more frequently, in the bonus round.

Queen Of The Forest Slot Symbols

Queen Of The Forest Slot - Symbols
Queen Of The Forest Slot – Symbols

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This online slot feels as if it had more than one artist working on its design. First, we have the team leader; working the leading lady and sorting the back drop. Next up, the trainee; busy making a hash of the icons. They do let the game’s excellent overall aesthetic down.

The base game symbols are card rankings, from 10 to ace. Next up is a sad looking fox, followed by a boss-eyed stag, and a deranged-looking owl. The top icon is a silvery crown. It’s the only thing the Queen of the Forest wears. Five in a row is worth a regal 1,000x your line bet.

The Queen of the Forest is a stacked wild. She elegantly covers an entire reel, turning it all wild, with the usual exceptions of bonus and scatter. The bonus is a fly agaric mushroom. Three or more starts the bonus game. The Free Spins symbols says simply: Free Spins.

In Summary

The Queen of the Forest is a slot of two halves. On one hand it is sumptuous, good looking, and packed with lots of features, as well as a cool side game. On the other hand, some of the design is clunky, the interface is a little confused, and it all feels like it would have benefited from a few more weeks in development.

But… what about that Queen of the Forest. Whatever your misgivings about this particular online slot, we can forgive all when immersed in the radiant beauty of this half-naked nymph. Who knew an online slot’s leading lady could leave us feeling this way? I’m all in a spin.

Queen Of The Forest Slot Bonuses

Queen Of The Forest Slot Bonus Rounds
Queen Of The Forest Slot Bonus Rounds

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Free Spins – Stacked Wilds

Three or more Free Spins icons nets you the Free Spins bonus round. The default win is 10 spins, which you are immediately invited to gamble. To gamble, you must flip a coin. If you win, you get 15 spins. If you lose, you have to collect only five. You can gamble an extra three more times. The maximum win is 50. If you lose, you fall back to 10 free spins. At least you don’t lose it all.

During the free spins, the Queen puts in a stacked wild appearance on between one and three reels, with every spin. There are no multipliers but this is the game’s jackpot round.

Bonus Game

Three or more scattered magic mushroom bonus symbols triggers the bonus game. The screen flips to reveal a 5 x 3 grid of wooden tree trunks. These spin and, if you are lucky, mushrooms appear. These are added to an increasing multiplier. You can also collect extra spins to keep the mushrooms rolling in and the multiplier increasing.

You then win your basic bet, multiplied by the magic mushroom multiplier. The highest possible multiplier is 500x.

Queen Of the Forest Slot FAQs

The game offers various features such as wild nudges, free spins, and a unique bonus round. There’s never a dull moment!

Yes, you have the option to buy the 10 Free Spins bonus round. However, it comes at a relatively high cost.

The bonus game presents a completely new layout with a 5 x 3 grid of spinning logs revealing magic mushrooms, which adds an interesting dynamic to the overall gameplay.

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