Every now and again a developer releases a Casual game that revolutionizes the way we think about slots game-play and bonuses. No surprise, then, that the developing houses involved in this Mega Money Rush release are Microgaming and Skillz Gaming. Forging a partnership that blows our minds when it comes to the possibilities of online slots play. Reels? Pay-lines? Where we’re going, we don’t need those.


No reels or pay-lines? Then how can Mega Money Rush be an slots game? The slot and betting element comes into play with the game’s Spin Wheel, our main base game screen interface. We spin the wheel and land Power Ups, Surprise Bonuses, Experience Points or Launch Races, which we will race to win coins. The races themselves will see us speed across desert dunes, ice flows, oceans, jungles, through the cosmos and even across some roads. Our vehicles change with each level, and we need to unlock each next level by collecting Experience Points, achieved by landing them on our main Spin Wheel and running races.

So is this an online slot or an arcade game? Well, neither. Both. It depends on how you want to look at it. The multi-level progressive game-play is certainly not new to the online slots world, unlocking new features and new bonuses as we progress. However, the spin on this multi-level system that Microgaming and Skillz have given Mega Money Rush makes the game-play unique and therefore not to be missed.


As though getting the chance to speed our way across various terrains collecting Power Ups and coins on our way isn’t bonus enough, Mega Money Rush delivers plenty on the bonus front. Firstly, we can collect Surprise Bonuses when we twirl our main Spin Wheel, such as bonus multipliers or extra coin values. There are also bonus amounts to be won during the races, bumping up our win values.

The more Experience Points we gain, the higher the level and bigger the win potential with bonuses offered when we unlock each new level. The better the racer we become, the more Mega the Money Rush gets. The Power Ups – such as the Coin Magnet – all help us to boost our race game bonuses, thus fulfilling Mega Money Rush’s in-race, in-game bonus system. The higher our bet stake as we fire up the Spin Wheel, the higher our potential in-game bonus payouts.


The freshness with which Mega Money Rush speeds across our screens gets our engines revving up to a dangerous RPM. You want to win real cash money and have fun at the same time? You’re on the right road strip. You want an arcade experience that mixes gaming genres like Tom Cruise in a cocktail movie? You got it. Mega Money Rush has reinvented the reels.

Mega Money Rush Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank Arcade 5x3 0.50 100.00 N/A N/A 93.2 - 97% 800,000 2016