Why switch from Blackjack 1 to Blackjack 2? We are largely talking timings and betting limits. The Live Blackjack 2 betting range spans 10-2,500, starting off slightly higher than than its table 1 counterpart. The game-play features are otherwise identical, with different Dealers. This small betting range increase can prove a useful progression for any table game fan.


The slightly higher 10 start for the betting range makes our chip collection seem odd that it offers 1 credit chips. Surely a value of 5 would seem more natural? That said, this does allow us to be as precise as we like in our betting. When we have chosen our seat we can click on the green seat position to sit. We must then select the chip we wish to stake and click the circle in our seat position to place our stake at the table and confirm our involvement in the hand.

A counter in the top right of our gaming screen counts down our 10 seconds of betting time between games. The counter begins in yellow and switches to red once we get to five seconds and below, but will only start when at least one bet is confirmed. We also have an audio cue to remind us when we hit five seconds and below, useful when we are mulling our potential bets over. Our gaming screens are designed to allow us the easy use of help topics and game settings. We can even toggle the video on or off, though this does kind of defeat the object when it comes to playing Live Casino online games but it’s still nice to have the option. The Repeat button allows a quick confirmation of our next hand on the same terms.


Our bonus win potential in Blackjack relates to the game’s payouts. Standard seating arrangement at a Blackjack table is for seven players, with each player having the chance to win maximum payouts against the House. A two card score of Blackjack is our ideal, paying out 3:2 for every Blackjack win. Insurance wins pay out 2:1, while “regular” wins earn us a 1:1 payout. A reminder of our payouts sits in the Help tab to the left of our screens, alongside our Language and Settings options. This is also where we will find our option to switch tables should we choose to seek a luckier dealer or even switch casino games entirely.


The higher betting range on Blackjack 2 tends to result in more experienced players taking seats. The ad might say, “No Time Wasters”. With 10 seconds betting time as standard between hands, we don’t have chance to waste time as it is. Which is just as well. We want to get on with the game, don’t we?