Also called VIP Blackjack Common Draw. The Live Blackjack Common Draw High Live casino online game offers us higher stakes than its low-stakes counterpart. We can play between 5.00 – 1,000, meaning this is a table for the mid-high rollers. Not only are the stakes different, the tables and locations are too. Is that a red carpet we see on the stairwell? And so it should be.


Live Blackjack Common Draw High allows us the chance to play higher stakes Blackjack alongside other players without having to wait for five-seven players to make their hand choices. All players share the same screen and the same cards, and we also share a 10 second timer in which time we must choose whether to Hit or Stand, displayed clearly by a timer that pops up and disappears when needed. This ensures that the game-play is quick and seamless – particularly necessary if we’re playing 1,000 per hand and don’t want to hang on for another player to mull over theirs.

The betting range in Blackjack Common Draw Live High gives us plenty of scope for strategy. The in-game stats at the top right of our screens also make it easier to allow for our strategic choices with the last 10 hands displayed in order. Should we be feeling gregarious we can choose to chat with the Dealer via the Chat interface to the left of the screen, while further options exist for casino sounds, sound effects, background music and video quality. Though with the sumptuous visuals on offer why anybody would choose to opt for anything other than the highest video quality is beyond us.


We can’t expect any special preferences for playing higher stakes – NetEnt’s Common Draw Blackjack is a level playing field in terms of bonuses or payouts. The felt has to be level too, otherwise the cards would slip off. If we score Blackjack – 21 – in our first two cards, we will score a 3:2 payout. If we are playing at the highest stakes on this table of 1,000 a hand of Blackjack will score us 1,500 plus our original 1,000 stake.

And while we don’t get any special preferences, we do get the option of Insurance. This is offered when the Dealer’s first card is an Ace – we are basically spending half of our stake to insure us against the Dealer scoring Blackjack. The amount of insurance we pay will depend on our stake, the higher the stake the higher the cost of insurance. All Insurance wins pay out 2:1.


Blackjack Common Draw Live High fits superbly into the NetEnt Live Casino offering as a step-up for players used to lower stakes. The interface between the games is identical, though NetEnt moves us around its plush chateau casino in an excellent touch to give us the impression of moving from table to table in a real casino. It is also a chance for us to freshen up as we move through NetEnt’s virtual Mini Lobby.