What’s the difference between Blackjack 1 and Blackjack 2? The colour? The smell? The need to keep it euphemistic? Why, the location, of course! The games are ostensibly the same, but with a slight tweak and a change of scenery we can not only freshen up but ensure that we get a seat at the top table.


We can hear the hubbub of other Live Casino games hitting off in the background. It’s a nice feel and gives the impression of a busy casino in and around us, though not too loud to distract us from the game-play. Some low level jazz and free cocktails wouldn’t go amiss. The chat box makes its usual appearance in the top right corner, allowing us to connect with the Dealer as and when we choose. As normal the Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17, with the Dealer taking two cards from the first draw.

Our betting interface makes things super-easy to switch or add chips as and when we choose. We must first select one of the open spaces to confirm our seat at the table, then click on our chosen chip to place a bet. The green “Confirm” button pops up, but the counter counts down 10 seconds when our burned cards are wasted so play will start regardless of who has confirmed their bets or not by then.


We can bring out a handy reminder of our bonus payouts by clicking the arrow to the left of the screen. Here we can see our betting range set at 5 – 2,500, allowing plenty of range for beginners through intermediates and right up to high rollers. On Blackjack 1 we can also Bet Behind, with the betting range set lower from 1 – 2,500.

Our payouts sit as per usual Blackjack payouts. Every win pays out 1:1, while Blackjack pays out 3:2. Insurance wins earn us a 2:1 payout, though every player differs on their perspective of insurance. Are you risk averse or would you count yourself as a chancer? Many seasoned Blackjack players will mix it up, but your ability to do this and to what extent depends on your bankroll and your experience. Having 5 as our minimum bet we do have the chance to throw some hands and get some rounds under our belts.


The change of scenery between Blackjack tables works sufficiently to vary our choice and to give us table options. Prefer your Dealers with more chat and energy? Then switch to another table. All Dealers change every half an hour, giving us a constant change around that also serves to keep the game-play fresh.