As we load up the screen, we get a cool animation of a mini ninja character coming to life from a flick book. Or more like a flick scroll, this is ninjas we’re talking about after all. Once he bounces onto the screen, the other ninjas join him. This gives us a chance to meet each of them, identify their colour and characteristics and then we head to the dojo and onto the reels.

The main symbols are of the faces of the five ninjas, along with ninja weapons such as Throwing Arrows, Nunchucks and Sais. They all appear in a cute, cartoon type design, adding a friendly touch to the deadly world of ninjas. This Saturday morning cartoon feel adds some excitement to the fray, bold colours bounce out and LARGE WIN jumps out when we win big. It’s definitely one slot we’ll never get bored of.


The Wild symbol may only appear on the second and fourth reels, but it’s well worth the wait. When it does show up, things get interesting. The Wild helps the ninjas unleash their powers (and money-making combinations) so when they appear alongside the heroes, our wins are doubled. Legend of the 5 Ninjas has numerous bonus features, which makes sense as the ninjas need to hone their skills and embark on many adventures. The first of which is the Secret Ninja Pack Prize.

When this round is triggered, we get to select a door and release one of the five ninjas, with each door giving us a 100x Multiplier of our stake. We can keep on opening the doors until we find all the ninjas or are caught by one of the guards. There is also the 3 Coin Route which activates when we find three Coin symbols in a row, giving us ten Free Spins. But again, it’s not just free spins. During this round, the symbols of baddies will appear to replace the coins until our ninjas defeat them across the reels. Even the bonus rounds on this slot feature crazy, badass ninja action…and we LOVE IT!


It’s difficult not to fall in love with Legend of the 5 Ninjas Slot, a unique story with original characters and bonus rounds. And played across 243 Ways to Win, we’ve got plenty of chances to help the ninjas succeed on their quest. Which means we can be heavily rewarded for it, too. Join the gang and become the honorary sixth ninja. You won’t be disappointed.

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