The colours are bright, the theme tune is catchy and the payouts are decent enough, though you’d have to land the jackpot a few times to be competing with Mr. Moneybags and buy an apartment in Mayfair!

How to Play

Instead of selecting a bet level and pressing the spin button as you would do on traditional slots or scratchcards, in Monopoly Big Spin you have to select a bet value from the chip selector and then place them on the game board. You can place multiple chips in multiple spaces, or you can place a single chip of a value between 0.10 – 50.00 on a single space. In this way placing bets on Monopoly Big Spin is like placing bets on a Live Roulette wheel, though the payouts in Monopoly Big Spin are higher than standard Roulette.

The maximum table bet is 700.00, meaning you could place a max 50.00 bet on every space. Once you have selected your bets from the chip selector and placed them on the board you press the vibrant spin button and watch the Monopoly Big Spin wheel turn. The space it lands on awards the payout detailed on the space, with free spins on a Bonus Wheel earned when you land on either the Chance or Community Chest spaces, and free spins when you land on either the Go! Or Free Parking spaces.


The properties and game symbols in Monopoly make up the game symbols on the Monopoly Big Spin wheel. However, to make this instant game universal rather than relying on geographically related property names like Old Kent Road, Monopoly Big Spin uses the colours from the properties to represent those symbols. In that way Monopoly Big Spin is similar to Tetris Extreme Megadrop, remaining faithful to the original game but with an innovative twist to bring it up to date and transport it into the casual game space. The same is true of the bonus symbols – Free Parking, Go, Community Chest, Chance, Utilities and Railroads all nod back to the original game and offer bonus payouts as they go.


The bonuses on Monopoly Big Spin are awarded when your chip lands on either the Chance, Community Chest, Go And Free Parking symbols.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Bonus Wheel

Landing a paid bet on either Chance or Community Chest triggers a single spin on the Bonus Wheel. Mr. Moneybags awards payouts for each different symbol. The awards are:

  • Pall Mall 5x
  • Beauty Contest 8x
  • Inherit Money 9x
  • Stock Sale 10x
  • Ride to Kings Cross 10x
  • Advance to Go 20x
  • Elected Chairman 20x
  • Advance to Mayfair 30x
  • Bank Error 50x
  • Get Out Of Jail Free 200x
Free Spins

The Free Spins feature triggers when you land on either the Free Parking or Go Symbols. Free Parking awards 30x payout plus 2 free spins of the main game wheel. The Go symbol awards 40x payout and 1 free spin of the main game wheel.

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