If you are a fan of ELK’s Bloopers Online slot you might well think you recognise the chief protagonists of Platooners, a five reel, 178 Ways to Win slot with numerous bonus features, both dedicated and randomly triggered. While the stars of this action might be cut from the same cloth, this time they are in front of the camera. If you’re thinking of an army jungle adventure with hilarious results in the vein of Tropic Thunder, you are along the right lines. Only this time we are the ones who can win big time.


ELK Studios has been known to kick off its slots games with epic intros – slots like Wild Seas and Kaiju being perfect examples. It pairs things back a touch on Platooners, with a short intro showing our three movie stars surprised by a giant snake with glowing red eyes. Fear not, though, for our Green, Red and Yellow stars of the show wield a rocket launcher, grenades and minigun and go gung ho straight off to blast the snake to smithereens. So that’s how this slot is going to play out.

We see our stars from time to time when we trigger the Platooners slot’s random and dedicated bonus features, but meanwhile we have some of their tools of the trade to keep us company as we hunt down base game wins in this buzzing jungle. Dog Tags, Combat Knife, Binoculars and Medical Kit make up our highest-paying symbols while 10s through Aces are the backup, done out with the game’s Wild in proper movie trailer lettering. Epic.


At any point during our base game our weapon-toting Platooners can spring onto our screens to shoot Rockets, throw Grenades or fire Bullets at the reels in the Action Spins! feature. These add modifiers to the reels for a single spin, covering reels 1 and 3 with matching symbols, adding Wilds to reels 3, 4 and 5 and blasting 5-of-a-kind payline wins, respectively.

Our arms-wielding heroes return for more maverick action in the game’s dedicated bonus feature, the Snakes of Fortune Bonus, triggered when we land three Snake Scatters anywhere across the reels. Now, a Snake with coins for its body floats and weaves its way across the jungle, with our heroes firing rockets, grenades and bullets at the coin links. We have 15 rounds of ammo at the start of the feature, with the aim to destroy all links in the snake. Coin payouts hide behind each link, with larger Mystery Coins revealing additional ammo, bigger coin wins, extra attack activations or bombs that destroy bigger snake segments. There are three levels of the Snakes of Fortune bonus, and we advance up a level when we destroy all of the links in the snake.


With its level-based bonus structure, the Snakes of Fortune Bonus is one at which we will be happy to take aim. We can tell that these slot heroes are happy to blast the enemy at the merest sniff, and it’s more the merrier when it comes to ammo against this coin-spattering snake. That our loose cannons weigh in with rockets, grenades and bullets for the randomly-triggered features during the base game only whets our appetite for the main bonus round, much like a trailer would for a blockbuster film. It’s crazy, it’s epic and it’s gung ho all the way. War has never been so much fun.

Platooners Slot Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank 178 5 0.2 100 N/A N/A 96.3% 250,000 2018