The first thing that grabs us as we load this title is a rip roaring soundtrack that wouldn’t seem out of place in a back street bar in Dublin or Glasgow. Not that we’re saying that the Irish and Scots are a lively bunch taken to the kind of pillaging which the Vikings were fond of. Unless there’s an offer in the BWS isle. The Wild Hammer symbol might come in handy then, too.

The soundtrack abates somewhat to a lilting ilk when the game loads proper. The reel case sits in a flushing meadow beneath blue skies. No threat or peril here. The heroes of our tale are a Viking Warrior, a Viking Princess, a Magi and their trusty pet Dog. Were Vikings known for their love of animals? Hollywood and history may not paint them as the caring type, but Aussie gaming house Lightning Box are working hard to dispel those myths. One of our Viking friends leans casually against the reel case with his war hammer, hoping as we do that the 9s through Kings that make up our low-paying symbols don’t make themselves too frequent visitors.


As casual as our ever-present Viking friend may seem in this slot title, he springs into life at random. A sudden thundering arrives and Sven – let’s call him Sven – takes an almighty swing at the reels with his war hammer. Blow me if he doesn’t smack the reels at just the right time for one or more Wilds and high symbols to line up nicely. He can swing his war hammer as much as he wants as far as we’re concerned.

And then comes the almighty Free Spins bonus feature, triggered when we land three or more Bonus Scatters. But as with all good adventures we must defeat a challenge before we taste victory. Enemy ships are sailing in, and we must smash them with catapults to reveal extra spins and added Wilds to boost our bonus booty


Viking Fire enjoys a nice mix of creative license and popular legend. Don’t we all? Turns out Vikings did keep pet dogs to help with hunting bear and moose. Every day’s a school day, and in Viking Fire Lightning Box is taking us to online slots college.

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