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Online Roulette is a simple game to play, and Inspired Gaming’s Big 500x Roulette is just as easy to play as any other Roulette game. To select your chip level click the chip symbol to bring up your chip options. Select your chip and then select the numbers you would like to bet on to place your chips. While Big x500 Roulette might lack the slick graphics of 3D European Roulette from 1×2 Gaming, it does feature all the classic bets of any good Roulette table. The bets you can place are:

  • Straight up (single number)
  • Split (two numbers)
  • Trio (three number combo)
  • Corner (four number quads)
  • Street (a row of three numbers)
  • Avenue (two rows of three numbers)
  • Column (lines along the top, middle or bottom of the bet table)
  • Dozen (1-12, 13-24, 25-36)
  • Half, Red/Black, Odd/Even

As with other online Roulette games you can place multiple bets on a number of these betting options, and you also have the option to place Neighbour bets by clicking the Neighbour Bets button. Neighbour bets bet on a single number and the four surrounding numbers, two to the left and two to the right on the Roulette wheel. When you have made your selections press Bet to spin the wheel.


The game symbols in Roulette are simply the numbers of the Roulette wheel that you bet on via the betting table. The numbers begin at 0 and work their way up to 36, with the Big 500 Bet coming after the number 36. The odds of landing straight up numbers when playing Roulette online offers the highest payout of 35:1, while splits offer 17:1 and streets deliver 11:1. Here is a detailed table of symbol payouts for regular number bets in Big 500x Roulette:

  • Straight up 35:1
  • Split 17:1
  • Street 11:1
  • Trio 11:1
  • Corner 8:1
  • Avenue 5:1
  • Column 3:1
  • Dozen 2:1
  • Half, Red/Black, Odd/Even 1:1


Big 500x Roulette lives up to its name as it features a bonus symbol on its Roulette wheel that pays up to x500 your bet.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Big 500 Bet

Online Roulette games don’t normally have separate bonus features, but instead rely on the payouts from the various betting options. Big 500x Roulette elevates Roulette to another level by including a Big 500 Bet position. This takes the place of what would be the 00 position on an American Roulette wheel. Place a chip on this space and if it lands you will win x500 your bet amount.

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