Roulette is one of the classiest online casino games, so it’s amazing that you can play it from the comfort of your own home. Even better is that you can enjoy our European version in glorious 3D on European 3D Roulette. You can still enjoy the 2D action on European Roulette if you want but if you’re after fancy graphics in the third dimension, funky music and easy gameplay, then this is the game for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Superior graphics.
  • Easy to understand and play.
  • Racetrack with extra bets.
  • No extra bonuses to a traditional European Roulette.
  • Only goes into 3D during the spin.
  • Odd voiceovers.

How to Play

Roulette is one of the best online casino games to play if you’re a newbie to table games, or even if you’re already a fan. The reason? Ease of play, as you don’t have to have such a high level of skill such as you would on Poker, for example. Once you’ve loaded up the game and got used to the table layout, it’s time to play. You’ll notice your chip selections on the bottom left, ranging from 0.5 to 250. Simply select a chip and then go to where you want to place it on the table. It could be your favourite number, even, odd, first 12, second 12, third 12, red or black or one to 18 or 19 to 26. You’ll notice that each of these betting areas gives you a winning percentage so you’ll have help along the way. Once you’ve placed your bet, hit the spin button and watch as the table transforms into a 3D view and you can watch the ball as it spins around the wheel and (hopefully) land on your lucky number.


This game is a variation of European Roulette so the betting options are similar too. You can place a bet from as low as 50p, while a maximum bet on a single spin is £1,000. Inside and outside bets can also be made, with straight up number bets giving you odds of 35:1 while a split offering gives you 17:1. You can always check the paytable to find out all the wagering options and payout details. Or just look closely at the table for  a quick view, like we mentioned above


Rather than typical bonuses, there are a range of extra betting options available on 3D European Roulette. Hope you’ve brushed up on your French.

Bonus Name Bonus Explanation
Double up

Want to put twice as much on a bet? Select the double up x2 button.


Want to place the same bet? Select the Re-bet button.

Re-bet x2

Want to double up on the same bet? Just select Re-bet x2.

Voisins du Zero

Did you know this meant “neighbours of zero?”. This bet places a series of split bets between 22 to 25 in racetrack view.

Tiers du Cylindre

This means the “thirds of the wheel” and places a series of split bets between 33 right round to 27 in racetrack view.


The last of the French betting options makes up two small segments in between the Voisins du Zero and the Tiers du Cylindre. One includes 9, 31, 14, 20 and 1; while the other features 17, 34 and 6.

La Partage

Gives you 50% of your outside even money bets back if the ball lands on zero. Nice!

3D European Roulette Details

Developer Paylines Reels Min Bet Max Bet Min Coins Max Coins RTP(%) Jackpot Released
blank N/A N/A 0.5 250 N/A N/A 97.3% Unknown 2017